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"You intrigue me. Mortal lives, they are so fragile, yet you do not seem to accept that."
"Would you?"
Thor and Jane Foster[src]

Jane Foster is a paramedic who works in New York City.


Meeting the God of Thunder[]

When the Wrecking Crew attacked New York Harbor, a Code: Blue was issued and she was the first to respond. She arrived in an ambulance and attended to the fallen police. She ordered the other paramedic to help but he was too scared. Thunderball tried to kill her with the Gamma Energy Emitter but Thor saved her. Wrecker took her hostage so Thor defeated him with Mjolnir. She got to talk to Thor before Heimdall called for him. [1]

The Breakout[]

When an incident happened down town, she took care of the injured civilians. She was about to be hit by a car, but Thor saved her from the danger. She wondered if he followed her and went to a cafe to drink coffee. At the cafe, Thor explained his backstory and his father, she suggested him to go to Asgard and take of it while his father is in the Odinsleep, but Thor refused her suggestion and left the scene when an explosion occurred.[2]

Secret Invasion[]

A photo of her was seen among the individuals suspected of being replaced by Skrull sleeper agents.

The Vision's Attack[]

After the Skrull invasion was over, Jane and Wasp were watching a horror movie at the Avengers Mansion. Wasp screams and drops popcorn, and then proceeds to eat a bit. Jane tells Wasp to stay still, because she's trying to treat Wasp's injuries. Wasp says that Jane's just here to see Thor, and Jane blushes saying "I...I don't know what you're talking about." Wasp then mentions that Jane has been "around a lot" since Thor returned from Asgard. Just as Jane asks Wasp if Thor ever talks about her, Vision's arm comes through the TV which the horror movie is playing on. Soon Vision comes completely through the wall. The two girls panic, and toss over the couch to hide behind. Wasp shrinks down, and protects Jane. Vision walks over to the two, and asks them where Captain America's Shield is. Wasp says she wouldn't tell, and then starts blasting Vision. The blasts do not effect Vision, and he simply grabs Wasp. He then asks Jane where the Shield is, after smashing Wasp into a post. Jane easily tells Vision where the Shield is, and Vision drops Wasp.

After Vision wrecked the place, Jane had rescued Wasp from the debris, then performed CPR on her. After that, Wasp just tended to her wounds and reminded her about thinking twice before dating a superhero, which may cause "bad health", which saddens Jane. Since Jane doesn't appear in any other episodes, it is possible that she listened to Wasp.

Physical appearance[]

Jane is a Caucasian human female with a slender and attractive body with short brown hair and blue eyes. She wears a blue paramedic uniform when she is at work.[1]


Jane Foster has the perfect personality for being a paramedic. She cares about others, and always wants to help others. She is so courageous and kind that she would risk her life to help others, even during attacks from super-powered beings. She is also wise, helping to advise Thor with his personal problems.[1]




Thor and Jane

Thor is Jane Foster's friend and possibly a love interest.[1] She usually cares for Thor all the time, she can give advice to him anytime when he's around.[2]

The Wasp[]

Powers and Abilities[]

Jane Foster has no powers but has incredible spirit and courage to take care of the wounded when they are injured or threatened by super powered villains. She has knowledge of the codes of paramedics and first aid skills.[1]


She uses a first aid kit to help tend the wounded.[1]


Background in other media[]

  • This is the second animated appearance of Jane Foster. She first appeared in The Marvel Super Heroes in the segment The Mighty Thor.