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"You dare come here and challenge me. Tell your Master has made a great mistake. Nobody challenge Karnilla, I am (hu)..."
―Karnilla saying her last words before turning to stone[src]

Karnilla was the queen of Nornheim and the guardian of the Norn Stones. She was one of Asgard's most powerful sorceresses in all of the Nine Realms.


Loki's Conquest Of The Nine Realms[]

2012-05-24 2038

Karnilla is turned into stone by Grey Gargoyle with a simple touch.

When the Enchantress and her Executioner had come for the Stones, she defended them with her all power and might until she got turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle who attacked her from behind with a simple touch.


She is a devoted guardian dedicated to protecting the Norn Stones at all cost. But her boasting of her immense power gave Grey Gargoyle an advantage to turn her to stone from behind.

Powers and Abilities[]

Karnilla's immense magical powers are quite formidable as the Enchantress described of her, which led her and Executioner to go on the defensive before Grey Gargoyle turned the guardian to stone. According to Thor, she was Asgard's most powerful sorceress.


As an Asgardian goddess she has a lot of pride of her title, which seemingly cost her her life, as Grey Gargoyle turned her to stone with a simple touch resulting to her downfall.