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Ulysses Klaw is a gifted scientist whose expertise in sonics is unrivaled. He has spent much of his time seeking to weaponize the rare vibranium, who plans to use it to conquer the world.


The Man in the Ant Hill[]

Klaw and his minions attacked Hank Pym in an attempt to steal the vibranium sample Hank was examining on behalf of S.H.I.E.L.D., after failing to get a sample, he hires Whirlwind to get a Sonic Disrupter for him.

Panther's Quest[]

Klaw supported M'Baku the Man Ape, when he challenged King T'Chaka of Wakanda for the kingship, and used a sonic weapon during the duel to weaken T'Chaka, allowing M'Baku to kill him, thereby becoming King of Wakanda. In exchange, M'Baku has given Klaw access to the Wakanda vibranium supply.

Some time later, while he was in business with HYDRA, he ends up fighting Ant-Man until the Vibranium being attacked is overloading. Grim Reaper, deciding that Klaw has outlived his usefulness, blasts him into the Vibranium mound.

But instead of dying, Klaw is transformed into a creature made of pure sound. Klaw then attacks the HYDRA Agents in retaliation and threatens all of Wakanda by releasing deafening soundwaves. Ant Man and Iron Man manage to use the Vibranium to contain the Sonic Emitter enabling the Vibranium to absorb Klaw.


Klaw as a sound monster.

It is unknown whether this terminated him for his death or restored him to his original form.