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Korbinites are an alien species native to the planet Korbin, and lived in aerial cities. However, Korbin was destroyed by Surtur after he sent his Fire Demons to attack them, which ultimately caused their system's star to go supernova.

The Korbinites created Beta Ray Bill to be their champion, and loaded the sleeper ship Skuttlebutt with the last members of their race in order to escape the supernova, but they were pursued by Fire Demons and the possessed Enchantress until the latter were defeated by the combined efforts of Beta Ray Bill, Thor and Sif.

Aboard the Skuttlebutt, the few remaining Korbinites were encased in ice to preserve their race, while Beta Ray Bill protects them from demon threats.[1]

Physical appearance[]

The Korbinites (except Beta Ray Bill) are big orange humanoid beings with flat faces and they have no nose.[1]


Korbinite technology seems advanced as it was able to genetically modify Beta Ray Bill the pinnacle of Korbinite genetics and technology as their sole guardian.

Known Korbonites[]