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Hear me, Kree! If you truly claim to be warriors, then prove it!

-- Thor

Live Kree Or Die is the 25th episode of Season Two of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the 51st episode of the overall series.


The Kree warships shoot down the Quinjet, which splits in half and separates the Avengers. Iron Man, Thor, Vision, and Hawkeye fight beasts used for the Kree soldiers‘ training grounds. They manage to defeat one within minutes, but just as Hawkeye remarks how easy it was, more of the same beast rise from the ground. Vision states that Hawkeye told him to never say something is easy. They all are surrounded by the beasts.

Meanwhile, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Wasp land in what Captain Marvel says is the secure zone. They attempt to fight back, but are captured and taken to the Supreme Intelligence. Captain Marvel tries to speak to the Supreme Intelligence and talks about the powers humanity possesses. The Supreme Intelligence agrees, however he orders that Cap, Ms. Marvel, and Wasp should be examined and dissected, and their powers tested on a unconscious Peter Cobreak. As Captain Marvel protests against that, he orders him to be executed as a traitor.

Just as Iron Man, Vision, Thor, and Hawkeye are about to be eaten, Black Panther in a stolen Kree jet shoots down the beasts and save them. He explains to an amazed group that he saw a Kree jet fly through the wormhole right before it closed. He teleported from the Falchion, and took over the jet, flying to Hala. Together, the group reunites and makes it’s way to the tower.

In the tower, Ms. Marvel is in a ball, Captain America’s strength tested, and Wasp is just about to have her wings pulled out. Terrifie, Wasp cries out for Cap, and he is able to pull himself from the machine, and knocks out one of the two Kree scientists. Just before he frees Wasp, he is shot by a Kree soldier. Soon, the others fly in, and free them all from the testing area. Together, they go to the Supreme Intelligence who was interrogating Captain Marvel.

As he says it is almost impossible to defeat the Supreme Intelligence, through their combined efforts, they are able to allow Vision to temporarily disable the Supreme Intelligence’s system. Then, claiming it was his duty, Captain Marvel shoots the Intelligence dead. Captain Marvel now remarks sadly that without the Intelligence as a leader, the Kree empire would fall into chaos. The Avengers point out that he could be the leader, and that he could learn from Earth and humanity. He agrees, and the Avengers return back home to Earth.




  • The title is a play on the phrase "Live Free or Die".