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Golden Chemistro

The Living Laser (Arthur Parks) is a super-villain with the ability to change his corporeal body into living light.


Whiplash, Chemistro, & Living Laser breaking out

Living Laser (middle), Chemistro (right), and Whiplash (left) during The Breakout.

He was imprisoned in The Vault when the Breakout happened. He helped the villains get their weapons and suits back by cutting open the door to the armory.

He then teamed up with Blizzard, Whiplash, and Crimson Dynamo to take down Iron Man but was stopped by Hawkeye. After Iron Man blew up the Vault, he survived the explosion and then escaped.

After the escape, he joined the Masters of Evil. Some time later, he was tasked by the Enchantress to defend one of the Norn Stones from Iron Man. He was defeated by Stark when he was been absorbed by his armor and blasted into space.

After Baron Zemo betrayed the Enchantress, Parks was assaulted by the Enchantress and Executioner. After the short battle, The Laser was frozen in his light form. He was discovered by the Avengers an hour later, then taken to 42 for imprisonment.

His current fate is unknown.


He wears a special containment suit which may help him control his powers. It's mostly black with glowing yellow lines stretched all over it, some of which are in the shape of lightning bolts. The suit covers his entire body. He is never seen without the suit.


He is an egomaniac wanting revenge on Iron Man who beaten him and desires to fry him into smoking ashes. He'll do anything to get his revenge on the Iron Avenger.


Iron Man[]

Iron Man is Living Laser's enemy. He has a grudge against him because he locked him up. His only desire to see him fried to death by his laser powers.

Powers and Abilties[]

He has extraordinary laser powers which enable him to fly, generate high powered lasers powerful enough to slice through Iron Man's armor, and take on an energy form which turns him into pure energy. While in said form, he has great speed.


His suit may help contain the energy that makes up his body.