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Excuse me, guys. Hi. You didn't happen to see a cranky giant green-- We, guess they did.

This is coolest thing I ever done. I'm driving a jet.

It's actually on auto-pilot, Wasp. Sorry.

The fishermen were pointing at that crater.

What is that, Ant-Man, a meteor hit?

No, that's the Hulk throwing a tantrum.

Truly the Hulk's anger is impressive.

Tell me, Iron-Man, how do you intend to convince him to come back with us?

I have no idea, Thor.

Jarvis, scan for life forms.

Mortal technology, you would do better to trust your eyes and ears.

I'm picking something up.

It's a life sign, but it's faint.

That's so weird though since I can't see or hear it.

Okay, if this is some kind of evil snow monster, I'm going to be-- Never mind.

Tony, that's-- that's--

Captain America.

And according to my armor, he's alive.

Fight as One - Avengers Intro Song

No! NO!! BUCKY!!!!!!

This is incredible! He's waking up!

Is his brain okay?

Captain, are you all r--


Whoa, whoa, wait.

Everything's-- Ah! Ugh. OK. Captain. You're safe! You're with friends.

What are you? Some kind of HYDRA automaton? Listen, you've been frozen in ice for decades.

You're creative.

I'll give you that.

Where have you taken me? Where's Bucky? Calm yourself, Captain.

As the robot says, you are among friends.

Security alert.

False entry detected.

by unknown technology.

Unable to send alarm.

Accessing Avenger's personal files.

Captain America, stand down.

You really need to come with us.

We're trying to help you.

What are you, lady? One of Zemo's experiments? What? No, I'm-- Well, it's complicated.

Sir, we really need to get you to a hospital.

Okay, enough.

You have to come with us.

You don't understand.

This is not 1943.

He's a warrior, Stark.

He will not yield.

You've got that right, buddy.

Ow! Sorry.

Sorry, but I need you to listen.

My apologies, miss.

This solider doesn't listen to HYDRA agents.

He just takes them down.

Fine, don't listen just look.

You've been gone a long time, Captain.

Welcome back.

So you escaped as well.

Yes, I escaped a prison you left me to rot in, Strucker.

Zemo - Lord Zemo.

I see you have kept my seat warm.

HYDRA is mine now.

Don't embarrass yourself.

I was running HYDRA when you were a child.

Now look at you.

A child in an old man's body.

Reaper! Baron Strucker! I have-- Uh, sir, there is news.

What? Captain America is alive.

Where are you going? You can have HYDRA, Wolfgang.

All I want is is Arnim Zola.

What are you going to do, Zemo? I'm going to destroy Captain America.

You are correct, Captain.

It is over.

When I release Virus X against the Allies, this war will be won by HYDRA.

That's never gonna happen.

You think you can defeat me? The Erkstrom super-soldier formula inside you is nothing compared to what I have transformed myself into.

I'm faster, stronger.

There's more to fighting than speed and strength, Zemo.

Farwell, my enemy.

Aah! You'll have to excuse Doughboy.

He is very excited to see that you also escaped from SHIELD's prisons during the recent exodus.

I have news, Arnim.

t first-- Yes.

It is good you escaped when you did.

Your last treatment has almost worn off.

We did too good of a job on Virus X, my old friend.

Sadly, I still have found no cure.

Our formula is the only thing keeping it from-- Captain America is alive.


Erkstrom's super-soldier serum must be responsible.

Had we ever obtained a DNA sample from the Captain, we could have created an army of super-soldiers.

And of course cured you, Baron.

You need a DNA sample? I will bring you Captain America's head.

But there is a problem.

The Captain it seems has found powerful allies.

I am the finest bioengineer on the planet.

And over the decades I have learned one thing.

Every problem has a solution.

Thanks in part to you.

So HYDRA's gone? Uh, it's complicated.

I've had Jarvis prepare a room for you until we get everything sorted out.

You've been gone along time, Cap.

Welcome back, sir.

The building has it's own voice.

Tis very disconcerting.

My dad used to tell me stories about you when I was a kid.

You were an inspiration to me.


That's some poor reporting.

But if I survived, maybe Bucky.

I'm sorry, Cap.

Every kid in school learns that Captain America and Bucky sacrificed their lives to stop the Red Skull.

It's a miracle you survived.

Everyone I ever knew, my whole world-- It's all gone, isn't it? Cap.

Give him some time, Jan.

Alert, reports of giant monsters are coming in from Ellis Island.

Avengers, assemble.

We're all right here.

They appear to be some kind of man made biological life form.

If anyone has got any ideas here, now's the-- Welcome to Avengers Mansion.

Please identify yourself.

Iron-Man tried to make it feel as much like the '40s as he could.

There appears to be a guest at the main gate.

As much like the '40s expect for the talking computer.

Are you okay? I should have never woken up.

I'm a solider.

Not some future man.

I can't imagine a world that's changed so much still needs Captain America.

This kind of thing probably didn't happen in the '40s.

He might freak out.

Like I am now.

I need my shield.

Come on, we're almost there.

Wasp, wait.

Okay, you're fat and disgusting.

And lucky for me slow.

Aah! No! Ahh! Captain America, it's been a long time.

Excellent, I was worried you won't be as I remembered you.

I won't want you to be anything less than perfect for this.

All these years, I thought the Red Skull had defeated you.

Now, I can finally have my revenge.

How are you still alive, Zemo? Death means nothing to me.

I evolved my body over the years.

While you remain as you ever were.

A relic in this world.

Arnim Zola's creatures will deal with your new friends, but you? Let the Skull have Bucky.

Your life is mine to take.

You want to fight? You've got one.

Give up, Zemo.


This is my world and you don't belong in it.

I may not know a lot about the future, but I know one thing about the past.

You lost the war.

You'll always lose, whether I'm here or not.

I'll explain on the way.

Your team is in trouble.

The electricity is making it grow.

You say science is responsible for this monstrosity? Well, people are responsible for it.

Bad people using science very irresponsible.


Someone do something.

I'm here.

Hang on, guys.

This is one of Arnim Zola's genetic freaks.

Zola, of course.

I should have recognized his work.

That's why Wasp's stings were so effective.

They're bio-energy.

You know that madman? I studied some of his creatures before.

They all had a weakness.


And with the rightener signature, we can accelerate that instability.

modulate your repulsor.

Match the energy signature my helmet is putting out.

Jarvis, what he said.

Indeed, modulating repulsors now.

Freaky ooze creatures.

Is that what it was like fighting evil the '40s? No, sometimes it got strange.

Did you just make a joke? Captain America has a sense of humor.

Don't get used to it, solider.

And please, call me Steve.

I found something.

I want you to have it.

Howard Stark.

My father, he looked up to you so much.

We all did.

We all do.

That was along time ago.

Thank you for the photo, Tony.

It's actually all I have now.

That's not true.

You saved our lives today.

Zemo and Arnim Zola are still out there.

You have a place here, Steve.

With the Avengers.


I'd be honored.

Now when can I meet the Avenger who saved me from Zemo? The one in the black cat suit.

Wait, who? Your creatures failed me, Arnim.

In order to defeat Captain America, we must destroy the Avengers.

Arnim? Baron Zemo, I have an offer for you.