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"You really have no idea to whom you speak, do you, mortal? I have watched you worms all this time—all of you scared and alone. On Midgard, you may play at being heroes, but here? You are less than nothing! Without Thor, who will save you now?"

Loki Laufeyson is the God of Mischief and Thor's adoptive brother / arch nemesis. His schemes and manipulations had led to the formation of the Avengers who defeated the evil Asgardian from achieving his goals once and for all.

He serves as the main antagonist of the first season


Early Childhood[]

Born originally to the Frost Giant King Laufey, Loki is now the adoptive son of Odin and stepbrother of Thor. During his childhood, Loki had always competed with Thor over Odin's affections, to which he often lost to Thor. Aside from their sibling rivalry, Thor and Loki were most often the best of friends. Due to Odin's clear favoring of Thor, however, Loki became jealous and started hating Thor. He started to scheme against Asgard. It had often been because of Loki that the enemy races such as the frost giants have attacked or broken into Asgard. Odin had often kept a watchful eye on Loki for his mischief.

The First Rebellion[]


Amora frees Loki from the Isle of Silence.

Loki tries to conquer Asgard with the Frost Giant army, but they are defeated by his adoptive brother, Thor, and he takes Loki to Odin after a short fight. Odin banishes him to the "Isle of Silence". Odin knows that Loki is not powerful enough to escape the Isle, and is therefore confident to go into the Odin Sleep. While stranded in the Isle of Silence, he is approached by Enchantress, Asgard's most powerful sorceress, who easily breaks Odin's spell and frees him. She and Loki begin planning a way to permanently usurp Odin's throne.

Conquest of the Nine Realms[]

Amora had decided to keep Thor distracted while Loki conquered the other nine realms. Without Thor to protect them, they all fell quite easily. After Thor, and the Avengers had destroyed the Norn Stones and defeated Amora and her lackeys, they were transported across the nine realms.

He sat on his throne when Thor was teleported to Asgard after the Avengers destroyed the Norn Stones.[1] He captured Thor and sealed his hammer Mjolnir in a magical dome. Loki explained that he and Amora were behind all the events Thor had faced. During this time, Loki had acquired the Odin Force. Loki now controlled all the Nine Realms, except for Midgard which he would go after while no one protected it.[2]


Loki conquering Asgard.

The Avengers regrouped and attacked Loki in an attempt to save Thor, and the nine realms. Loki laughed maniacally and challenged the Avengers, he took them easily all out. Before Loki could finish them off, Iron Man arrived in his new armor. Loki noticed that his armor was made of Uru. While Iron Man distracted Loki, the Avengers freed Thor to join the battle. The Tree of Life was eventually destroyed returning the Odinforce to Odin.[3] He was cornered by the Avengers and challenged them still to go on even without the Odin Force. He was approached by Odin, enraged by his recent attack. Instead of sending him to the Isle of Silence again, Loki was sent to a dimension where he is tortured by the Midgard Serpent with it's acid saliva dripping on the eyes of the Asgardian.[3]

Amora's Servant[]

"Did you risk the wrath of Odin by coming here just to torment me, Enchantress?
"Mmm Torment Loki? I thought you would appreciate the view. Besides, getting into your father's prison without his notice is but the least of what I can do."
Enchantress threatening Loki[src]

Loki grunting in pain.

Loki's eternal torture was interrupted when Amora the Enchantress visited him in his brand new prison. While Loki was in prison, Amora had been amped by Surtur who had granted her powers like nothing Loki had ever seen before. Amora starts off toying with Loki, showing him the Avengers, who had bested him, battling the Wrecking Crew.

Loki saw that Amora was taking great pleasure in seeing him in his humiliated state. Loki, frustrated by Amora's obvious amusement, asks her if she had risked Odin's wrath to just come here and torment him. Amora, taking advantage of Loki's helplessness, pushes his face to the side while mocking him telling him that she did not come here to torment him, in fact she thought he would appreciate the view. Amora then threatens Loki by telling him that she could do whatever she wanted to him in his prison without the slightest fear of Odin's"wrath". To prove it, Amora slowly pinches Loki's eye causing him to audibly yelp. She then shoos away the Midgard Serpent so that she and Loki could talk privately.

Loki Bound By Amora

Amora tightens Loki's binds.

Amora offers Loki a chance at redemption, and orders him to destroy Thor and the other Avengers. If he succeeded, Amora would free him from his prison. Loki immediately agrees. Amora de-powers the Avengers using her magic and puts Loki in the Destroyer. Before she allows him to leave, she tells him that if Loki doesn't finish the job swiftly and allows Thor to gain internal strength the spell will be broken.

Loki fails his mission since he disregards Amora's advice. Amora remorselessly returns Loki to his eternal torture by tightening his binds as he squirms. She allows the Midgard Serpent to return, saying Loki is it's to torture for the rest of eternity. Loki is heard screaming in the background as Amora coldly walks away.


His personality is an egomaniac and power-hungry. He thinks that he was the "rightful" ruler of Asgard which is actually Thor. He'll do anything to make his schemes to reality. He views the mortals as weak and lesser beings which is why he underestimates them and is defeated. He is also very deceitful, bitter and vengeful. His personality is practically the same as his comic book incarnation's own.



Odin is Loki's adoptive father. In his youth, Loki loved his adopted father including Thor but in his adulthood, when he knew the truth, he turned against the Allfather.


Thor is Loki's adoptive brother. In his teens, Loki loved his brother dearly, but in his adulthood, his relationship with Thor became bitter after realizing the truth Odin had kept from him.

Amora the Enchantress[]

Enchantress targeted Loki when he was in the Isle of Silence, so that she could use him as an instrument to gain power. She is one of the very few sorcerers in the nine realms more powerful than him, and he knows it. This is why he holds his tongue when she belittles him. Amora made sure to stay in the background so that if Loki failed she could move on to another plan, and when Loki failed she did just that.

As the Demon Queen she made sure to show Loki the full extent of her powers to instill fear in him. This is shown by her threatening tone while speaking to him during the events of "Powerless". Loki and Amora's relationship was not further explored due to the show's cancelation, but it is fair to assume that Amora would once again use Loki in the future.

Powers & Abilities[]

Asgardian/Frost Giant Physiology: Being an Asgardian/Frost Giant hybrid, Loki possesses superhuman strength to the point where he can lift 30 tons at max, and possesses superhuman durability to the point where he can withstand powerful energy attacks and powerful impact forces, he is bulletproof, his skin, bones, and bone tissues are superhumanly dense, and he does not need to eat, sleep, require air, or water to survive. Loki is immune to temperature extremes, and has superhuman stamina and an heightened metabolism. Loki is immune to aging and is immortal.

  • Shapeshifting: He can disguise himself as any hero, villain or civilian to trick any foes he fought.
  • Sorcery: Loki possess powerful magical energy abilities. With these dark powers, he can fire dark bolts and beams of energy from the palm of his hand that are able to hurt Thor, as well as enhance his strength to the point of bringing Thor to his knees. He was able to create a giant mountain of ice to freeze Thor (but only for a short amount of time). Loki even has the ability to dissipate into moths and reform together again for sneak attacks and to avoid being hit by Thor's lightning. Loki was able to match up to his stepbrother but only temporarily. Loki can produce electricity and use telekinesis. He is second only to Amora in terms of sorcery.


  • Expert Combatant: Loki is skilled at using weapons, mostly with his trademark spear. He was able to use this to hold his own against Thor wielding Mjolnir and effortlessly defeat Sif and Black Panther.
  • Master of Deceit: Second to his sorcery, this is Loki's most dangerous weapon. Loki can appear and appeal as an ally to any villain or hero, but may simply be manipulating him or her to do his bidding without them knowing his true intentions. He caused Thor and Odin's relationship to become bitter and indirectly caused Thor to leave Asgard. Loki's shape shifting ability serves his deceit skills very well.
  • Influential Expert: Loki can influence others to do his dirty work. The most notable examples are the Frost Giants, and the Wrecking Crew.

Former powers[]

  • Odinforce: When he captured Asgard, Loki took control of the Odinforce from Yggdrasil making him all-powerful. He was able to control its massive power for some time. With the Odinforce, Loki was able to defeat the Avengers without any effort and even destroyed Captain America's Shield with a single blow. However, he eventually lost control of the Odinforce which threatened to destroy the Nine Realms. He no longer possessed it after Ant Man pulled out the corrupted world tree powering the Odinforce.


  • Arrogance



Gungnir: A nigh-indestructible Asgardian spear stolen from Odin, which he uses in combat combining his dark powers and the Odinforce he stole from Odin. It is no longer in his possession anymore after his defeat. The spear can fire energy blasts made of the Odinforce.



Background in other media[]

  • This is Loki's sixth animated appearance. Previous versions include The Marvel Super Heroes, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, The Super Hero Squad Show, Hulk vs. Thor and Thor: Tales of Asgard.
  • Unlike the comics and film, Loki is not the first villain that the Avengers face, but he is responsible for the breakout.
  • His voice actor Graham McTavish reprises as Loki in this version after the Lionsgate movie Hulk vs. Thor.


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