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Loki Laufeyson

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God of Mischief
Prince of Darkness

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Frost Giant/Asgardian hybrid



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Thor the Mighty

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Graham McTavish

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"You really have no idea to whom you speak, do you, mortal? I have watched you worms all this time—all of you scared and alone. On Midgard, you may play at being heroes, but here? You are less than nothing! Without Thor, who will save you now?"

Loki is a Frost Giant/Aesir hybrid and Thor's evil adoptive brother. His schemes and manipulations had led to the formation of the Avengers who defeated the evil Asgardian from achieving his goals once and for all.


The First Rebellion

Loki captured

Loki's first defeat

Loki tries to conquer Asgard with the Frost Giant army, but they are defeated by his adoptive brother, Thor, and he takes Loki to Odin after a short fight. Odin banished him to the "Isle of Silence". It is revealed that he manipulated the whole situation with help from the Enchantress who later frees him from the Isle and says that "no one is ready for what comes next" before making a long sinister laugh. Loki appears again as a silhouette speaking with Enchantress.

Tricks and Manipulations

To prepare for this victory, Loki manipulated the whole situation of Thor where he posed as the Leader to have the Wrecking Crew attack a boat containing a shipment of Stark Industries technologies, had Enchantress in the form of a woman send Thor that way, and posed as Balder to tell Odin about Thor's actions on Earth. After the Frost Giants were defeated, Loki ended up fighting Thor and was defeated. Loki was then brought before Odin who banished Loki to the "Isle of Silence" where he can not use magic and trickery. After the Enchantress frees him from the Isle, Loki sends her to gather the Masters of Evil to start the next phase in his plan.

Conquest of the Nine Realms

He sat on his throne when Thor was teleported to Asgard after the Avengers destroyed the Norn Stones.[1] He captivated Thor and sealed his hammer Mjolnir in a magical dome. Loki reminisced to Thor about his banishment to Asgard and did not returned to protect Asgard while Odin is in the Odinsleep. Loki poured drink over Thor to make him conscious and explained further that he made it so that Odin would not ever wake up and acquired the Odinforce. He controlled all the Nine Realms, except for Midgard which he would go after while no one protected it.[2]

He told Thor that he was responsible for anything that happened to Thor for causing his banishment from Asgard, causing the supervillian breakout, forming of the Masters of Evil and while he was occupied, Loki took over the rest of the Nine Realms. Thor told he failed to take over Midgard, which was responsible of the Enchantress' love for Thor. Thor also told him that the Avenger will stop his schemes, but Loki laughed maniacally since he believed that the Avengers would not survive in the Nine Realms. Loki walked outside the throne room, accompanied by the captivated Thor and two Ogres and showed his execution place.[2]

He let a Ogre don his cape to prepare for the execution. Loki went to the Tree of Life to replenish his powers. He was approached by a Ogre, where he created a visionary portal to view that the Avengers invaded Asgard. He was enraged about the arrivals of the mortals and called out the Asgardian Wolf Hoarfen. He watched how the Avengers took on the wolf Hoarfen on equal footing and was chided by Thor about the underestimating of the mortals. Loki boasted about himself to be powerfully with the Odinforce in his command, but when Thor wondered why he has not still win the war yet, Hoarfen crashed into the throne room where the Avengers, the Warriors Three, Sif and Faradei arrived.[3]

Loki laughed maniacally and challenged the Avengers, he took them easily all out. He walked towards Captain America, and told him not to go against him anymore broke his shield. Before Loki could finish them off, Iron Man arrived in his new armor. He noticed that his armor was made of Uru. He challenged the man of iron in the sky above along challenged by Wasp, Hulk and Captain America. Thor eventually arrived to fight him as well, but to no avail Loki was still in hand, but the Odinforce went berserk. Even though Thor warned him about the power, which could destroy all the Nine Realms, he ignored it and continued to fight them. The Tree of Life was eventually destroyed returning Loki's power over the Odinforce to Odin.[3] He was cornered by the Avengers and challenged them still to go on even without the Odin Force. He was approached by the waking Odin, enraged by him and by his chiding. Instead of sending him to the Isle of Silence, he was sent to a dimension where he was trapped and in which he is tortured by the Midgard Serpent with her acid saliva dripping on the eyes of the Asgardian.[3]

The Destroyer

One day Loki gets a visit from the Enchantress. She wants Loki to kill Thor. She puts his soul into the Destroyer and sends him to Midgard. There he battled Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and Hawkeye. The Enchantress made them powerless, except Hawkeye. The spell was broken, when Thor discovered humility. When Loki was defeated, his soul returned to his body. When his soul was back in his body, the Enchantress said to the Midgard Serpent that she can have him, much to her delight.


His personality is an egomaniac and power-hungry. He thinks that he was the "rightful" ruler of Asgard which was actually Thor. He'll do anything to make his schemes to reality. He views the mortals as weak and lesser beings which is why he underestimates them and is defeated. He is also very deceitful. He is also bitter and vengeful. His personality is practically the same as his comic book incarnation's own.



Odin is Loki's adoptive father. In his youth, Loki loved his adopted father including Thor but in his adulthood, when he knew the truth, he turned against his AllFather.


Thor is Loki's adoptive brother. In his teens, Loki loved his brother dearly, but in his adulthood, his relationship with Thor became bitter after realising the truth Odin had kept from him.


Amora the Enchantress used to be Loki's ally. He used her powers to distract the Avengers while he tried to take over the nine realms. Like most arch villains, when something went wrong, he often used to get mad at her.

Powers & Abilities

  • Sorcery: Loki possess powerful magical energy abilities he mastered years ago. With these dark powers, he will be a dangerous foe to threaten or attack. He can fire dark bolts and beams of energy from the palm of his hand. His sorcery is also used to enhance his strength to the point of bringing Thor to his knees. He was able to create a giant mountain of ice to freeze Thor (but only for a short amount of time). Loki even has the ability to dissipate into moths and reform together again for sneak attacks and to avoid being hit by Thor's lightning. Loki was able to match up to his stepbrother but only temporarily, though the latter revealed that he was only holding back.
  • Asgardian/Frost Giant Physiology: Being an Asgardian/Frost Giant hybrid, Loki possesses superhuman strength to the point where he can lift 30 tons at max, and possesses superhuman durability to the point where he can withstand powerful energy attacks and powerful impact forces, he is bulletproof, his skin, bones, and bone tissues are superhumanly dense, and he does not need to eat, sleep, require air, or water to survive. Loki is immune to temperature extremes, and has superhuman stamina and an heightened metabolism. Loki is immune to aging and is immortal.
  • Shapeshifting: He can disguise himself as any hero, villain or civilian to trick any foes he fought.
  • Expert weapons user: Loki is skilled at using weapons, mostly with his trademark spear. He was able to use this to hold out against Thor and effortlessly defeat Sif and Black Panther.
  • Master of Deceit: Second to his sorcery, this is Loki's most dangerous weapon. Loki can appear and appeal as an ally to any villain or hero, but may simply be manipulating him or her to do his bidding without them knowing his true intentions. He caused Thor and Odin's relationship to become bitter and indirectly caused Thor to leave Asgard. Loki's shape shifting ability serves his deceit skills very well.
  • Influential Expert: Loki can influence others to do his dirty work. The most notable examples are the Frost Giants, the Wrecking Crew and the Enchantress, taking advantage of the latter's spurned feelings for Thor against the thunder god.

Former powers

  • OdinForce: When he captured Asgard, Loki took control of the OdinForce from Yggdrasil making more him all-powerful. He was able to control its massive power for some time. With the OdinForce, Loki was able to defeat the Avengers without any effort and even destroyed Captain America's Shield with a single blow. However, he eventually lost control of the OdinForce which threatened to destroy the Nine Realms.


He uses an Asgardian spear named Gungnir, stolen from Odin, which he uses in combat combining his dark powers and the OdinForce he stole from Odin. It was no longer in his possession anymore after his defeat.



Background in other media

  • This is Loki's sixth animated appearance. Previous versions include The Marvel Super Heroes, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, The Super Hero Squad Show, Hulk vs. Thor and Thor: Tales of Asgard
  • Unlike the comics and film, Loki is not the first villian that the Avengers face but he is responsible for the breakout.


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