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Lyle Getz is a scientist of A.I.M..


Early Life[]

His early life is unknown but he became part of A.I.M. and once created a devastating weapon which may destroy all life on Earth, which he haven't used due to other reasons.

Prisoner of War[]

Somehow, he was kidnapped by the Skrulls and taken to their mothership where a Skrull took his essence and his form as he recalled of his memories, which shakes his human captive pleading for help.

After that, he was sent to the prison cell as his Skrull counterpart went back to Earth to infiltrate A.I.M.

When the cell doors were unlocked, Getz come out and warned the other prisoners that any of them could be a Skrull, which almost caused a fight if not for Captain America to band them together if they want to get out of the Skrull mothership.

Working together, they got out of the mothership thanks to Getz's scientific expertise.

Powers and Abilities[]

He has no powers but has scientific intelligence which enabled him to solve problems and learn how use alien technology.


He uses a stolen Skrull blaster to defend himself.


Background in other media[]