Lyle Getz Skrull AEMH 01
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Scientist Supreme

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Prisoner of War

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Kyle Hebert

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Agent X'iv is a Skrull posing as the real Scientist Supreme.


Early Life

His early life was unknown but he was part of the Skrull invasion fleet.

Prisoner of War

When Lyle Getz was taken to the extraction chamber, the Skrull absorbed his essence and morphed into him, which shakens Getz.

Secret Invasion

After the satellites were ready, he knocks out all the A.I.M. agents with his gun, before reverting back to his true form. While their race was fighting the humans, he was ordered by Veranke to activate the satellites to attack every human on the planet by making them almost lose their hearing. After the satellites were destroyed by Thor and after the war was over he was arrested from S.W.O.R.D. agents.

Powers and Abilities

Scientist Supreme (Skrull) has the knowledge in A.I.M. sciences and technology. Like all other Skrulls, he can shapeshift into anyone he desires.