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Along with Quasimodo and the awesome android Hulk and Ant man were fighting the awesome android is deafeated by Hulk

Mad Thinker is one of Henry Pym's foes and prisoner of the Big House.


 I am just a simple thinker, though some call me mad. You see, I have done the math. This is one of four major super villain prisons. Each holding some of the most powerful criminals on the planet. Catastrophe is inevitable. All systems break down. We will be free, and soon.

-- 'Mad Thinker' src

Before the breakout, he even predicted to Dr. Pym about how someone's going to break all of the villians out of their prisons. When the breakout happened as was foretold, he went into hiding while planning his schemes.

Along with Quasimodo and the Awesome Android, he attacked Hulk and Ant-Man, as he wanted to see if the two were rivals for his android and gain knowledge of Pym Particles for his army, but were defeated by Hulk, which eventually discover what was a decoy robot.

Powers and Abilities[]

He has amazing intellect which allows him to think at a fast rate which earned him his name.