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"Words spreads of HYDRA's power!"
―Madame Hydra (Skrull)[src]

Madame Hydra (Skrull) was a Skrull posing as Madame Hydra.



"I've made contact with the Yushida Clan in Japan, run by a man named Gorgon. They seemed open to negotiations."
Baron Strucker and Madame Viper[src]

It is unknown when she infiltrated HYDRA. Like the real Madame Hydra, she served as one of Baron Strucker's lieutenants.

Strucker later sent Madame Hydra to Japan, where she made contact with Gorgon. Gorgon seemed willing to keep peace between the Yashida Clan and HYDRA because of fearing HYDRA's growing power.

Back on HYDRA Island, Madame Hydra gave her report to Strucker. At the same time, the Grim Reaper brought Hawkeye and Mockingbird as prisoners. Strucker wanted to drain Hawkeye of life energy, but Madame Hydra said that having a member of the Avengers as a captive could be useful.

Later, when Hawkeye and Mockingbird freed themselves and attacked them, Madame Hydra threw a grenade at Hawkeye. Luckily for those two, Captain America and Black Panther came to assist in taking down HYDRA. Madame Hydra fought against Mockingbird, and almost shoot her, but she was interrupted by Hawkeye. After that, Mockingbird defeated Madame Hydra, and she reverted into her Skrull form.

In captivity[]

Madame Hydra Skrull 5
"Viper changed right in front of me. She changed into this!"

Madame Hydra's unconscious body was taken to a secret location. During her captivity, her body was kept in Nick Fury's hideout and ultimately revealed to Tony Stark in order to reveal the Skrull conspiracy.