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"Humanity will never stop trying to destroy mutants. Their hatred and fear consume them, they will destroy us. Unless we destroy them first."

Magneto is a mutant terrorist, arch-enemy of the X-Men and leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants. He's the father of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.


Magneto Walks the Earth[]

Magneto arrives at Avengers Mansion with his two children, the Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver, in search of the Wasp, having heard in the news that she is a mutant, and wanted her to join the Brotherhood of Mutants.

The Avengers face him, just as Magneto was attacking a anti-mutant demonstrators, who were outside the mansion, but thanks to his magnetic powers, Magneto easily defeat to Iron Man and Thor, whose armor and hammer are made ​​of metal, while Pietro and Wanda faced Captain America and the Wasp.

Then Magneto imprisoned the rest of the Avengers, explaining the reasons for his arrival, but the Wasp tells that she is not a mutant, and that the Avengers don't keep her prisoner.

When one of the protestors threw a brick to Magneto, he unleashed havoc against the crowd, causing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to turn against their father because of his attitude. For their betrayal, Magneto attacks them both, who with the help of the Wasp are released, making Magneto decide to attack her. But then, the Avengers are released from their bonds and attack Magneto, who escapes from the battle, proclaiming that the war between mutants and humans will come, and that his children will fight on his side soon, or will be destroyed.

Skrull Invasion[]

Magneto was seen in a photo, on Nick Fury's wall of Skrull suspects in the episode "Infiltration".


"Your anger blinds you, father. You have become as cruel as those you would fight."
―Quicksilver on the attitude of his father[src]

Magneto believes that a genocidal war between Humans and Mutants is inevitable, and he works towards tipping the balance in favor of Mutantkind. However, his goal often leads to use force against those who do not obey their demands, such as attacking and imprisoning innocent people, to achieve their objectives, even his own children, if they do not obey or are against him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Magneto powers aemh

Magneto using his powers in metal rods

Magneto is a mutant, which has the power to control magnetism. Thanks to that he can manipulate metal objects with ease, such as the Iron Man's armor, or Thor's hammer, mold them to his will in any way possible, and even create magnetic fields to protect against most attacks. He is also able to fly, thanks to his control of the electromagnetic fields of the Earth.


Magneto wears a helmet which blocks any telepathic attacks from telepathic mutants, mostly from his old friend Professor X.