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The Casket of Ancient Winters

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Malekith the Accursed is a Dark Elf sorcerer who, along with his people, was destroyed by the Frost Giants ages ago. He is one of Thor's enemies.


In Norway, he was with the travelers searching something within the ruins of the Viking fort. However, when the others saw frozen figures, they ran and the other one was frozen while attempting to open the crate. Malekith then opened it and obtained the Casket of Ancient Winters.

When the Enchantress and the Executioner attempted to grab it from him, he froze them immediately and unleashed the ancient winter on Earth, causing his people to rise from the dead.

He returns as he claimed that he walked on both worlds of the living and the dead. He possesses the Asgardian artifact, the Casket of Ancient Winters, that he unleashes on Earth to resurrect his people, create a new paradise for them and cut off Midgard from the Nine Realms.

But he was stopped by Iron Man, Thor, and Black Panther who came to stop him. He was destroyed by Thor's lightning strike conducted by Iron Man's armor and the Casket was sealed off for good.


Malekith's retains the appearance of his mainstream counterpart from the comics but trimmed.


Earning his title as The Accursed, Malekith is a cruel person concerned only with himself. He turned on his people so they cast him out. He seems to only want to resurrect the dark elves so that he may rule over them. He shows no qualms about betraying his allies if it serves his purpose. He takes great pleasure in besting his foes.


The only known relationship Malekith has had is with Loki and by extension Amora and Skurge. Neither one trusted the other. Malekith was not trusted by his own people and Loki, being the God of Mischief, betrayed his adopted people. Both sides suspected the other of betrayal and were just using the other to get what they wanted. Malekith acted first betraying Loki's agents Amora and Skurge. However, it does not seem that the Casket was Loki's true plot. He was using Malekith to distract Thor while he cast a spell to keep the Thunderer out of Asgard.