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Man Ape is a villain from Wakanda.


Early Life[]

The Man Ape is the best warrior of the White Gorilla Tribe that was wiped out by the Black Panther tribe.

Present Day[]

With Klaw's help, M'Baku the Man Ape was able to kill the Black Panther king T'Chaka to take over the tribe. The entire tribe bows to him as their new leader, except T'Challa, who becomes the new Black Panther and flees to New York to seek help. In Panther's Quest, Man Ape speaks with Grim Reaper about HYDRA's purchasing of the vibranium. He tells Grim Reaper that if he and HYDRA double-cross him, he won't live to regret it. Black Panther and Captain America confront Man Ape who sends the guards to fight them. Man Ape ends up fighting Black Panther where Man Ape uses a sound device given to him by Klaw. Black Panther manages to overcome the sound device and takes down Man Ape, and liberating Wakanda from Man Ape's rule. It is uncertain if he was taken to the Negative Zone by the Avengers or not.


M'Baku is a hypocrite to the point of being deluded, he thinks that vibranium has corrupted & weakened his nation, when in fact M'Baku himself is corrupting & weakening his nation, hence he'll do anything to get rid of it. He is also a coward to the point of being a cheater, when he fought T'Chaka, he had Klaw use his sonic disruptor to weaken T'Chaka for Man-Ape to turn the tables and win the throne. His overconfidence led to his downfall by T'Challa aided by the Avengers. He also has no honor or compassion, and he may also be insecure due to his reminding the Wakandan people that he is king. He has an intense hatred of the Panther Tribe.

Powers and Abilities[]

From eating the flesh of a sacred white gorilla, M'Baku gained immense strength and durability able to hold on his own in combat against the likes of the Black Panther.


He uses a miniturized sonic disruptor to weaken the enemy as he did to T'Chaka and T'Challa.