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After the breakout mandrill is trying to rob the bank as a criminal

Mandrill is a humanoid mandrill-like mutant who can control women with his pheromones. He escaped from The Big House in the Breakout event, but got recaptured by the Avengers.



Mandril in cell

Mandril in his cell in Number 42

When the breakout happened Mandrill walked out of his cell and fought Ant-Man with the help of King Cobra, but Ant-Man evaded them.

After the Breakout was over, Mandrill went back to his roots being an criminal as he robbed a bank. He tried to escape by running into the sewers as he was approached by the Avengers and immediately surrendered.

Later Mandrill is shown to be captive in Number 42 as an Ultron unit had asked of his condition which Mandrill responded with grunting at the android.


Mandrill has a human-like appearance with distinctive Mandrill ape features with brown fur and yellow eyes. Mandrill wears a blue shirt with long sleeves, yellow belt around his waist, black spandex, black boots and a red cape.


He is a cowardly supervillain. He usually ran away from bigger foes. He thought a small one (Wasp) was a weakling and believed that he'll easily beat her without even noticing her backup. As he quickly surrendered due to being outnumbered, Thor had stated that he brought shame to all monkeys with his cowardice.

Powers and Abilities[]

Mandrill powers

Mandrill using his pheremone powers.

  • Pheremone Secretion: Mandrill's ability is to secrete pheremones to attract females, Mandrill can control a female and do all his bidding. Mandrill has used this first on a police woman and made her fell asleep.
  • Superhuman Agility: Having an ape-like appearance, Mandrill has shown to perform incredible acrobatics. Escaping through the window of a bank and land safely.


Background in other media[]

  • This is Mandrill's first animated appearance.
  • In the comics, Jerome Beechman was a physicist who was exposed to radiation from a nuclear reactor. Due to his freakish appearance his father drove him into the desert and abandoned him at the tender age of ten. He eventually met Nekra who endured the same torment, they worked together and started their crime career.