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Mark Hamill
800px-Mark Hamill (2017)
Born Mark Richard Hamill
September 25, 1951 (age 60)
Oakland, California, U.S.
Occupation Actor, Voice actor, Producer, Director, Writer
Years working 1970–present
First credit Jeannie

Mark Richard Hamill (born September 25, 1951) is an American actor, voice actor, producer, director, and writer, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars. More recently, he has received acclaim for his voice work, in such roles as the Joker in various Batman media, including the DC Animated Universe, Firelord Ozai in Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender, Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, and Skips in Cartoon Network's Regular Show.



Character information: Klaw

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