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Mark II Armor

The Mark II Armor was the second Iron Man armor created by Tony Stark and replaced the Mark I Armor.


The Mark II armor was built by Stark after analyzing the schematics of the Mark I armor he rebuilt after his escape.

It has some new prototype weapons he added called the repulsors and unibeam.

The Mark II armor had served as a template for the War Machine armor,which Tony Stark gave it to his best friend he knew, Rhodey.

When Ultron took control of all the Iron Man armors in Ultron-5, the Mark II was among them. This can attributed to the Mark II armor's presence of computer systems, while its predecessor did not possess any such computerization. Ultron used all the suits in an attempt to destroy the Avengers, however, Thor returned to Midgard and helped the other Avengers in defeating and destroying Ultron and the suits in an ensuing battle.

It was later rebuilt after the battle.


  • Repulsor Beams
  • Uni-Beam
  • Remote Arc Reactor
  • Flares
  • MiniMissiles
  • HUD
  • Comm Systems
  • Mach 2 Repulsor Boot Jets
  • Bulletproof


The Mark II armor resembles the Mark II from the Iron Man film but its faceplate looks like the Classic's. It has red eyes, repulsors, and jet boots.