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The Mark VIII Armor is a high-technological advanced armor created by Tony Stark. It has some of the state-of-the-art weapons and gear inside.

It appeared in "This Hostage Earth".


  • Repulsor Beams
  • Unibeam
  • HUD
  • Comm Systems
  • Energy Absorbtion System
  • Missiles
  • Arm Cannons
  • Repulsor Boot Jets


The Mark VIII armors closely resembles both the Mark VI and Mark VII but with different systems.


The Mark VIII armor was created by Tony Stark after the other Iron Man armors were damaged or destroyed in a battle against Ultron,which requires repair and rebuilding.

It was used by Tony Stark when he found the Norm Stone to Nidavelirr on an unknown location as he fought Living Laser, who has a grudge on him. He finally beaten him when he used the energy absorbtion system on Laser and shot him to space then destroyed the stone.

But it resulted in pulling him to Nidavelirr, the realm of the dwarves, leaving him only his left repulsor beam glove. Tony used what's left of the Mark VIII against Ulik but was destroyed in the battle.

It might be later rebuilt after that back on Earth soon.


  • This Hostage Earth (First and Last appearance)