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Masters of Evil
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Leader Loki (true leader)
Baron Zemo (co-leader)
Notable members

Wonder Man
Crimson Dynamo
Living Laser


Destroy the Avengers. (failed)
To help Loki Conquer Earth. (failed)

First appearance "Gamma World, Part 2"

The Masters of Evil are an active team of super-villains who have clashed with the Avengers numerous times.



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Original Roster

The Masters of Evil were formed when the Enchantress and her Executioner had invited Baron Zemo to join them in destroying the Avengers. They found Wonder Man, who had been destabilized by his own unstable ionic energy and reassembled him with Enchantress' magic before persuading him to join them if he wished to live and become human again, which Simon couldn't refuse.

They later found Crimson Dynamo in Germany, following a fight between him, the Avengers and the Winter Guard, and recruited him into their ranks. After the Leader's defeat by Hulk, Thor and Hawkeye, they found Abomination and recruited him into their team.

Against Avengers[]

As they're all ready, they begin to make their first strike on the Avengers. They first captured Wasp and used her ID card to gain entrance and access to the Avengers Mansion . One by one, the Avengers were taken out and captured, leaving only Thor and Ant-Man , not knowing Black Panther and Hawkeye except for Abomination.

After luring Thor into their trap, they thought they defeated the Avengers. But Hawkeye and Black Panther had begun to take on the Masters of Evil one at a time, but were beaten. When Zemo asked them if they're trying to beat his team, they revealed that they're merely just distracted them so that Ant Man can gain uninterrupted access to his lab inside the Avenger Mansion.

Then Ant Man appeared in front of everyone holding an ionic destabilizer gun to destabilize Wonder Man and fought Abomination and Crimson Dynamo while Black Panther and Hawkeye had freed their other teammates.

Back on their feet, the battle between the Avengers and the Masters of Evil had begun below the Mansion, causing major damage and destruction. After being defeated, they immediately fled back to Zola's lair by Amora's magic and blamed each other for underestimating them, but Enchantress had interrupted and went into a room guarded by Executioner where she made contact with Loki.

The Masters of Evil founded the Ultimo's head (who was defeated by Iron Man) and thanks to the magic of the Enchantress, making reassembling and activate it again to attack the Avengers, but in the course of the battle, the Masters of Evil lose the Ultimo's control, attacking everyone, forcing them to work with the Avengers, finally destroying to Ultimo and escaping after the battle.

They re-emerged again with new members they recruited: Chemistro and Living Laser. And Grey Gargoyle has been killed for treason.

The Norn Stones[]

On a mission to the Norm kingdom to steal the Norm Stones, Karmilla had defended them with all her powerful magic against Amora and Skurge until got turned to stone by Grey Gargoyle they brought along. After the battle, Amora was impressed with his abilities and ordered Skurge to give him his "reward" and get what they came for. Back on Earth, Zemo and the other Masters of Evil waited for their return. When Enchantress and Executioner come back, they gave Zemo the Norm Stones, which will be their plan to conquer Earth. But when Zemo asked where's Grey Gargoyle, Amora had lied to him that he didn't survive the battle.

As the stones were placed on seven targeted locations, the Masters of Evil had individually guarded them from the Avengers. Zemo believed that the Avengers will fall individually, but was mistaken as the other Masters were beaten by their adversaries and destroyed the stones, which pulled them into the Asgardian realms.

The masters

Baron Zemo holds up a Norn Stones

Loki had revealed to Thor that the Masters of Evil were only his pawns to further his goals of conquering Earth.

Acts of Vengeance[]

Several weeks later, Enchantress returns to gain revenge on Zemo for betraying her. She turned Chemistro into solid gold and froze Living Laser in his active light form, effectively eliminating them both. Zemo and the remaining members go to the Avengers for help, and they reluctantly accept. They prepare a trap for Enchantress that would cancel her magic abilities.

However, Zemo wanted Captain America to activate the machine. When she arrives, Captain America does not activate it. Zemo takes out a Norn Stone to protect himself just in case. The machine is activated, and Enchantress becomes powerless. Zemo then has the Masters of Evil turn on the Avengers, except Wonder Man. However, the machine is destroyed and Enchantress regains her powers. She takes the Norm Stone, and begins to use it. However, Wonder Man takes it and destroys it with his own hands, presumably killing him and Enchantress in the process.

The Avengers lock up Abomination, Baron Zemo, Crimson Dynamo, and Executioner to Prison 42 and to the team was effectively disbanded.

However, the destroyed stone transported Enchantress to Muspelheim, where she is taken and possessed by Surtur.


Background In Other Media[]

  • The lineup of the Masters of Evil owes a lot to multiple incarnations of the team. Baron Zemo, Enchantress, Executioner, and Wonder Man are classic members of the original incarnation of the Masters of Evil, but Crimson Dynamo was from the Heroes Reborn incarnation of the Masters of Evil while Abomination was only a member in the Marvel Adventures incarnation of the Masters of Evil.


  • Wonder Man is only villain from the team to redeem himself.