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Fight as One - Avengers Intro Song

Display chronal archive 001944.

Key word: Rogers.

[computerized voice] Loading.

[Announcer] News from the front.

As the Hydra war machine expands its reach, one by one, the nations of Europe fall under its shadow.

None so far have withstood the onslaught.

But Allied soldiers from across the globe stand together, and as the world goes to war, we recount the tale of Steve Rogers, the man who would become Captain America.

Although young Rogers was too frail for combat, his fighting spirit wouldn't give up.

He volunteered for a secret military experiment and, with the help of the country's finest scientists, was transformed into the world's first super soldier.

And now he fights alongside the Allies as a symbol of freedom and liberty for all the world.

Even now, Cap is leading the charge against the dreaded Red Skull and his Hydra forces.

Good luck, Captain America, wherever you are.

[thunder rumbling] [thunderclap] [whoosh] Howling Commandos, move! [gunfire] [gunfire] We're sitting ducks out here.

Howlett, I need recon! I'm working on it, bub.

[yells] This is the end of the line, boys.

Our job is to take down Hydra's science base, and we've already got a man on the inside to get us in.

Now let's go show the Red Skull that his day is over! [cheering] [footsteps approaching] Lieutenant Strucker.


Herr Skull, the Allies have found the fortress.

Captain America is with them.

Send your best regiment out to confront him.

He will defeat them, of course, but it will give us time to prepare the specimens.

This will be the perfect test.

["Charge"] [men cry out] [groans] [grunts] [grunting] [grunts] [Men grunting] They should make that thing standard issue.

Sorry, Sarge.

It's one of a kind.

[grunting] [cries out] Jack.

Jack! [grunts] [yells] [weapon cocks] [rumbling] [thud] Uh-- You're late.

[chuckles] Any trouble inside, Bucky? There are Hydra soldiers everywhere.

I couldn't get into the lower levels on my own without raising the alarm, but I know the way.

Not a problem.

The stealth portion of this mission is officially over.

I'll knock.

[beeping] [thudding] [thudding continues] Must be the welcoming committee.

I've got this covered.

[growling] You know what, Cap? [chuckles] I change my mind.

You get this one.

[growls] Okay, we've seen some weird stuff in this war, but what is that? I don't know.

One of Zola's experiments, maybe.

Whatever it is, it's angry.

[cries out] Back off, ugly! [yelling] [growling] Cap! [yells] [growls] You want me, monster? Here I am.

[growling] [yelling] Let's keep moving.



No use dwelling on the big monster that almost ate us.

Smart bombs.

Nerve gas.

Germ warfare.

Okay, this is creeping me out.

Hydra's been working on this stuff for years.

Any one of these things could mean big trouble for the Allies.

That's why we're here, Bucky.

No matter what, we're taking down the Skull once and for all.

What in the world is this, Cap? I'm not so sure this is from our world.

[Red Skull chuckling] You may come out now, Captain.

I know you are here.

You have arrived just in time to witness history.

[weapon cocks] Ah, you always get me caught.

[Red Skull] Oh, please, Captain.

Even if you were to survive, your partner would not.

[growls] Still doing Zemo's dirty work, Skull? No.


[chuckling] I have stopped looking for the relics of this world.

Today, I take the power of another one.

Ancient Norse mythology told of a realm of supernaturally powerful beings.

And all myths have some basis in truth.

This cave was the location of one gateway to that realm.

The Norse called it Bifrost-- the Rainbow Bridge.

Picture an army of mythological beasts unleashed upon the battlefield.

The Allies won't even comprehend the forces that are destroying them.

Looks like your doggy there would rather gnaw on you than us, Skull.

We have ways of guiding their choices.

[electricity arcing] [whining] What have you done? [chuckling] What have I done? I have won this war, Captain.

Open the portal! [electricity arcing] [arcing continues] [chorus vocalizing] [continues] Now? Not yet.

Sir, we've locked on to a specimen.

Increase power.

Bring it through! [whirring] [all gasp] Cap? I see it.

[whirring winds down] Now! [Men grunt] No! Nooo! Skull! [grunting] [electricity sputtering] [creature growls] [whoosh] [growls] [growling] [creatures growling] [growling] [Men yelling] [groaning] [grunts] Get to the portal.

Do whatever it takes.

Just close it! [gunfire] Yah! [grunts] [grunts] [grunts] I had hoped to test this blade on the great Captain America.

You are not worthy to face me.

Is it because I have more hair than you? Don't feel bad, Strucker.

Maybe when you get older, it'll grow in.

[grunting] Sloppy technique.

You shave your head with that thing, too? That would explain a lot.

[yells] [crying out] [grunts] [grunts] Come on, soldier.


Time to go home.

[growls] Bucky, now! [grunts] No.

No! You have destroyed everything! I will have my revenge on you and the world! We have to get out of here! Not this time, partner.

We're not letting him get away again.

There he is.

Bucky, stay here.

Secure the fortress.

[powering up] [grunting] [Bucky] I got your back, Cap! Bucky, I told you to st-- Yeah, I know.

But we're partners, right? Let's finish this.

It's over, Skull.

[sinister laughter] Finally, we agree.

Goodbye, Captain America! [creaking] No! [grunts] There's not enough time! Bucky, jump for it! I can't! Cap! Hang on, Bucky! [grunts] Sorry, Cap.

Stow that talk.

We'll make it.

No, I mean, sorry, but the world needs Captain America more than Bucky.

[grunts] No! No! Bucky! [grunts] [Announcer] Today, Earth's mightiest hero fell in the line of duty.

Farewell, Captain America, wherever you are.


Not where.


[yelling] Let's keep moving.



No use dwelling on the big monster that almost ate us.

Forward to time index 3.


I will have my revenge on you and the world! We have to get out of here! Not this time, partner.

We're not letting him get away again.

Ahead 7.


[Bucky] I've got your back, Cap! [grunting] Ahead .


[Captain America] No! No! Bucky! [grunts] Mmm.

Manual control.

[chiming] [male voice on radio] Time disturbance in progress.

Initiate chronal jump to Damocles base.


Temporal disturbances reaching critical levels.

The fabric of time-space is in the process of rupturing.

Show me.

My entire time line-- all of reality is being wiped out, and it's all because of you.

My travels into the past suggest that you are the link, Captain America.

Some moment in your past heralds the end of the future.

Something to do with you.

But I saw you meet your end in the 20th century.

How can you be responsible? Unless Damocles, scan all surviving records from the 21st century.


Freeze image.

Of course.

I did not conquer the Earth just to see it wiped from existence.

Damocles, prepare the fleet for time jump.

All ships begin trans-temporal jump.

Sir, we don't have the coordinates.

There's not enough time to-- Never tell me there's not enough time.

Time coordinates accepted.

Jump in progress.

Where is Princess Ravonna? She's boarding now, my Lord.

My love, what is happening? Why are we leaving? [grunts] Ravonna, no! [grunts] Damocles, now! Update.

The time dissolution has slowed but is still in effect.

I'll save you, my love.

I'll save our entire time line, even if I have to conquer this time to do it.