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Michael Korvac is the 6th episode of Season Two and the 32nd episode of the overall series.


The Avengers attempt to protect a mysterious man named Michael Korvac from strange aliens that pursue him, but they soon realize that these aliens are the heroic Guardians of the Galaxy and that it is not Korvac who needs protection, but the Earth itself.


Korvac begging for help

Korvac begs for help.

In a Bethesda Fountain Plaza, an energy orb appears and expands. The ground sinks beneath the orb, creating a large crater. Police approaches the crater slowly and look down to see a naked blonde man sitting in the center. He has Kree markings cut into his back and looks very unsettled in general and begs for someone to help him. When the police ask where he came from, he points up to the sky and that they are coming for him.

At the Avengers mansion, Wasp is supposed to be on villain-watch but mostly she’s talking to Carol about her recent break-up with Hank. Carol listens patiently, Jan sulks before being alerted by JARVIS of someone at the front door. She leaves and goes to the door, opens it only to see the police with the naked blonde man, now wrapped in a blanket. They show Wasp the markings on his back and Wasp asks them if they’ve contacted S.W.O.R.D. yet, since he claims to have been abducted by aliens. The man, confused and delirious, looks at Wasp and thinks she’s someone named Corrina. The police give him to Wasp and asks for his name. He introduces himself as Michael Korvac.

Kree experiment

The Kree experimenting on Korvac.

Wasp takes him to the elevator down towards the lab areas as he tries to explain what happened to him. Michael was driving on a road until he saw spaceship and a sentry robot abducted him. He was then stuck on an experimental bed and he was experimented on by scientists. Michael’s behavior becomes more desperate and erratic, Jan is forced to zap him into submission. The Avengers arrive later, and Jan explains their situation. She’s called Jane Foster in to examine him and says they’ve been able to piece a lot together from his semi-conscious ramblings and tells them he was abducted by aliens and wants to go back to Corrina. While the rest of the Avengers try to get a better handle on the situation, Jan heads off to find Corrina. Wasp finds Corrina working in a restaurant. Wasp tells her they found Michael, which she is shocked about. Hawkeye and Black Panther go to check out the crater in Central Park but are unable to figure out the energy source. Nearby, a group of people materialize and watch.

Avengers standing against the Guardians

The Guardians against the Avengers.

Back at the mansion, Tony’s pacing around the Hulk in the kitchen, trying to figure out Michael’s energy signature, not coming up with much. Hulk surprisingly tells Tony that is from a cosmic radiation. The Avengers reassemble when Wasp comes back with Corrina. Hawkeye wonders where Captain America was, which Tony replied that he was gone with his veterans. Michael wakes up and reunites with Corrina, who says he’s been gone for two years. But before they can go any further, the Guardians materialize in the middle of the room and demands that Michael Korvac be turned over to them. The Avengers refuse, thinking that they are responsible for his captivity. A fight breaks out as fights are wont to do. The heroes begin pairing off: Hulk takes on Groot, Iron Man takes on Quasar, Black Panther takes on Adam Warlock, and Hawkeye takes on Star-Lord.

The results are mixed. Warlock quickly gets inside T’Challa’s mind, making him easier to fight. Hulk thinks he has got Groot beat only to have to contend with a raccoon with a cockney accent and two giant pistols. Iron Man manages to take out Quasar. But most interestingly, Hawkeye and Star-Lord (aka Peter Quill) come to an impasse when Star-Lord tells him that they have no idea who Michael Korvac really is.

Star-lord explains the situation

Star-Lord explains the situation.

The Avengers reconvene once the fight is over and the Guardians insist that Korvac be apprehended. They say that he’s killed thousands of sentient beings throughout the galaxy and would kill them if he got the chance. Meanwhile, Carol’s come down as the S.W.O.R.D. liaison to check in on everything. When threatened, Michael begins to glow with energy, acting more than a bit maniacal. He uses a blast of energy to incapacitate everyone in the room, including Corrina. Carol is the only one left and a fight ensues between them.

The Avengers and the guardians against Krovac

The teams unite against Korvac.

While everyone’s passed out on the floor, Adam Warlock uses his powers to create a sort of telekinetic group conference, where the Guardians give the Avengers the low-down on Michael Korvac. Most of his story is true: he was a normal guy who was abducted by aliens. But he was used by the Kree as a lab rat who gave him unstable powers that caused him to go insane and wipe out an entire space station full of sentient life. Apparently the Guardians have been trying to track him down for months.

Korvac and Carol fight in Central Park and Korvac is able to sense that she’s Kree, which makes him believe she wants to capture him. The Avengers and Guardians come to her aid and try to get him to surrender, but Korvac has gone completely insane. He refuses to stop and begins taking out members from each team with his powers.

Korvac's slumbering

Korvac's slumbering.

Corrina steps out from behind a tree and tearfully begs him to stop. Korvac tells her that the heroes are monsters who are trying to send him back to the Kree so they can hurt him. She admits that he is the monster around here. He steps back in shock and his power levels surge. He then disappears entirely. Apparently his shame and love for Corrina made him return to space, rather than destroying them all. The Guardians and the Avengers recoup and Tony asks about what other threats they should expect from beyond the stars. Star-Lord looks at him and replies that he is better off not knowing about it.

Out in the distant reaches of space, Korvac sits, entirely made of energy, silent and mournful.

Cast and Characters[]

Voice Actor Role(s)
Eric Loomis Iron Man
Greg Ellis Rocket Raccoon
Moira Quirk Quasar
Troy Baker Michael Korvac
Colleen O'Shaughnessey Wasp
Fred Tatasciore Hulk
Jennifer Hale Ms. Marvel
Kirk Thornton Warlock
Cop #1
Steve Downes Star-Lord
James Mathis III Black Panther
Chris Cox Hawkeye
Eg Daily Mockingbird
Jennifer Hale Ms. Marvel
James Mathis III Black Panther
Vanessa Marshall Black Widow
Brian Bloom Captain America (Skrull) (Recap only)
Wally Wingert Ant-Man (Recap Only)



  • In the comics, the "Korvac Saga" was a crossover story featuring the Avengers and the original 1969 version of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • This is the first animated appearance of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • This Episode is Dedicated to Boyd Kirkland of his loving memory.
  • This is the only Episode that didn't play the avengers EMH instrumental theme in the credits.
  • The Skrull Impostor of Captain America didn't appear in this episode, but he does on the recap about the Battle against Ronan in Welcome to the Kree Empire.



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