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The Microns
Microns aemh
Leader Arcturus Rann
Notable members



To protect the Microuniverse from Psycho-Man and his minions.

Location Microuniverse
First appearance Marvel Universe Avenger Earth Mightiest Heroes #6

The Microns are a group of superheroes who fight against Psycho-Man and protect the Microverse.


They Came From Inner Space[]

When Psycho-Man learned of the Macrouniverse (Earth), he sent his army to conquer Earth and to eliminate Hank Pym (who created a bridge between the two universes), the Microns were his army, finding to the Wasp, a member of the Avengers who was fighting with Psycho-Man's army.

When Janet discovered their objectives, she helped them fight against the army of Psycho-Man, and used Pym Particle capsules to shrink and release Iron Man and Captain America, who had been captured by Psycho-Man's henchmen, leading to a battle between the two groups, however, the Avengers and the Microns were surrounded by the army, until Wasp changed to normal size and returned the Microns to their own world, taking the army, and continue fighting against Psycho-Man.

Notable Members[]