The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki

Season 1[]

Widow's Sting[]

  • Still the same old charmer aren't you Hawkeye.
  • Nice to see you haven't matured at all since you left SHIELD.
  • I took your place on SHIELD's special ops team.
  • Code name: Mockingbird.
  • I've come a long way since the day of driving you around.
  • I heard you're going after Widow.
  • I want in .
  • She didn't just betray you you know.
  • She betrayed the whole team.
  • SHIELD has pinpointed several HYDRA Facilities in the city.
  • We know the locations of multiple safe house
  • storage facilities and--
  • What
  • If you knew why you let me come along
  • What signal
  • Let's go.
  • You take Mr. Happy
  • I'll handle these guys.
  • What does it mean?

Season 2[]

Who Do You Trust[]

  • When Viper hit the ground
  • I was gonna go back to help your team.
  • But then I saw it.
  • Viper changed right in front of me.
  • She changed into this.

Prisoner of War[]

  • Do we have some kind of plan her
  • Is that...
  • What are they doing to her
  • Uh-oh.
  • You know what snake-skin
  • I think running might be a good plan.
  • Come on let's... Go.
  • Supervillains.
  • We're waiting for Cap and Viper, jerk!