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Mr. Fantastic (real name Reed Richards) is a genius scientist with an obsession to explore the universe for the unknown. He is the leader of the super-team the Fantastic Four.


Early life[]

Much of Reed Richard's history is unknown, but at a certain point he was trapped in the Baxter Building when Doctor Doom sent it to space. At one point, Reed discovered the Negative Zone.


After the breakout event, Reed helped Iron Man to create the super-prison "Number 42" in the Negative Zone. Later, Reed helped Ant-Man on the research of Kang the Conqueror's wife Ravonna in the Baxter Building.

Later, Tony visited Reed in the Baxter Building and told him his foundings of Asgard, Reed continues his observations ignoring Tony. After Tony said Susan is too good for him, Reed threatens him and they both laughed. He told him that Susan distanced from him. The two are getting attacked by Doombots, they tried to escape but got surrounded by them. They suddenly deactivated and form into bombs. Iron Man discovered that Invisible Woman and Wasp got kidnapped, Reed went to disarm the bombs while Iron Man chased the kidnappers of Invisible Woman and Wasp, Tony returned and told Reed that they got away. The other Avengers arrived and they decided to venture to Latveria. Reed invaded Doom's castle to rescue Invisible Woman and Wasp, they fought a hard battle against Doom, but they left when Doom stopped fighting and freed both Invisible Woman and Wasp and left the castle.

At Avengers Mansion, the Avengers and Fantastic Four discussed about the reason of Doom's attack.

He, Sue, and Johnny later went to a peace conference in another dimension. When Galactus attacked, he was part of the special fifth team that was to destroy a slumbering Galactus. When the giant awoke and began feasting, Reed and Tony determined turned matter into anti-matter to feed on it. They devised a plan to send him into the Negative Zone to feed endlessly. The plan worked and Galactus was banished. Reed and the other heroes then left the scene leaving the Avengers to claim credit.


Reed Richards has a physical build he has brown hair with grey sides and brown eyes. He wears his self made uniform that is injected with molecules that can stretch along with him, its blue, with black gloves, belt and boots.


He has a will and spirit of a scientist, wanting to study and research on ways to make the world a better place along with others who desire to change the world for the better, by means necessary. He has a large obsession towards his observations, going so far that he ignores the people around him, even his beloved Susan.

Powers and Abilites[]


  • Elongation: Reed Richard can extend his body at will and can reform back. Reed Richard preverably use it in his research to make his work easier.
    • Grappling: Reed Richards can use it to entangle himself to villains and objects.
  • Shape changing: Mr. Fantastic is able to change his shape and size by will.
    • Parachute: Mr. Fantastic can turn himself into a parachute which may be useful if he and his teammates fall from high places.


Genius-level Intellect: Reed Richards has a genius-level intelligence that he's able to create new inventions and gadgets for his teammates and allies.



Background in other media[]

This marks the seventh animated appearance of the character having previously appeared in Fantastic Four (1967), Fantastic Four (1978), Fantastic Four (1994), Spider-Man (1994), The Super Hero Squad Show and Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes. Dee Bradley Baker reprised his role in the video game Lego Marvel Superheroes.