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N'Gassi is the advisor to the king of Wakanda.


When Man Ape had beaten and killed T'Chaka in a challenge by cheating, N'Gassi had ordered everyone to bow before him except for T'Challa who vowed revenge on Man-Ape and then went to America in his new Black Panther suit to ask help from the Avengers.

After Man Ape's defeat, N'Gassi and everyone had praised T'Challa as their new king. He asked T'Challa to remove the Avengers from their land and return the old ways, but his king refused and told him that Wakanda must change their old ways and open themselves to the entire world, which everyone agreed to his idea.

Physical appearance[]



  • "A Man in An Ant Hill"
  • "Panther's Quest"
  • "Gamma World Pt.2"