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Nightmare is a demon and ruler of the Dream Dimension.


The Last American Dream[]

Nightmare had managed to catch the Captain America in his dreams, in which he was never frozen and managed to live his life normally with Peggy Carter. But a Sleepwalker, one of the enemies of Nightmare, managed to do what was necessary for Rogers to realize the deception.

Seeing his deception ruined, Nightmare appeared in front of Cap and Sleepwalker, trying to convince the former to give his real life in exchange for giving the life of your dreams, by refusing Nightmare attacks Captain America, trying to control his body, but thanks to Sleepwalker, who says what is he who controls his dreams, Cap manages to use his willpower to wake up from his nightmare, safely.


Nightmare is very persuasive in getting what he wants and yet is megalomaniac, trying to get more power to conquer the real world, in exchange for the dreams and fantasies of people.

Powers and Abilities[]

As the name implies, Nightmare controls all dreams of people to his will and tormented them in various ways as he chooses. Nightamre can shoot lightning powered electricity.

Nightmare can summon a number of lower beings in his realm such as succubi to do his bidding, also can summon his mount, Dreamstalker when needed.

Nightmare is invincible and mighty in the Dream Dimension, managing to do anything, how to stop Captain America's Shield, but it is much weaker, while in the real world, he cannot affect an individual who is awake. However, his images and other creations can continue to haunt a person in their waking hours.