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Norm Stones

The Norn Stones are powerful Asgardian artifacts that opens all portals to the Eight Realms with Midgard as its middle realm. They were created by one of Asgard's most powerful sorceress, Karnilla.


In "This Hostage Earth", The Enchantress and her Executioner had raided Karmilla's castle for the Norm Stones. Karmilla had defended them with her powerful magical powers against them until she got turned to stone by Grey Gargolye, who was disposed of by the Executioner under orders from the Enchantress.

Then all of the Norn Stones were placed on seven different locations and were guarded by the members of the Masters of Evil just to lure the Avengers who came for them.

When all of the Norn Stones were activated by the Enchantress, creatures from the Asgardian realms have emerged to Earth. on the seven locations were.

After defeating the Masters of Evil individually, Thor then told the Avengers to destroy the Stones no matter the cost. And they suceed, but the destruction of the Stones had caused them to teleport the Avengers to the eight realms, where they regrouped and met new Asgardian friends along the way in their final battle against Loki, which they won and earned their respect from Asgard.