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Banishing Loki

Odin Force

The Odin Force is the most powerful magic in existence, currently possessed by Odin, king of Asgard. It flows through the Tree of Life. The Odin Force can be passed on to the new ruler of Asgard. It can do the scientifically impossible, as shown by Loki when he destroyed Captain America's indestructible vibrainium shield.

The Odin Force can be used to fire powerful blasts, teleport people, etc.

Odin was the Odin Force user until Loki took over Asgard and control the power from his adopted father. Loki used the Odin force to conquer the Nine Realms, blocked Thor from returning to his home, and battled the Avengers.

Though immense as the Odin Force is, Loki began to lose control of the power that might cause a new Ragnarok. Thor advised him to maintain it, but Loki refused. The other Avengers, however, found a way to take the power away from Loki by tearing out the corrupted Tree that spawned a new one. After the Odin Force flowed back to Odin, he used his power to banish Loki to the depths of Midgard with the Midgard Serpent inside.

He thanked the Avengers for saving Asgard and all of the Realms and used the Odin Force to send them back home safely.