The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes Wiki

That's him.

Wait. What am I looking for again?

- A giant cat?

- It was a man.

Can the projectionist make this brighter?

Uh, sure.

Jarvis, run a full spectrum analysis, will you?

And make it brighter.

Look at that.

Whatever he's wearing, it's absorbent to all energy spectra.

And what he did to Jarvis.

The system still doesn't register there having been another person there.

Okay, fine. I'll admit it.

Whoever this intruder is, he's got some okay technology.

All I know is that this man in black saved my life.

He's an ally, not an enemy.

Intruder alert.

So he's not an Avenger?

Definitely not.

♪ Our world's about to break ♪

♪ tormented and upset ♪

♪ the loss from when wake ♪

♪ with no way to go back ♪

♪ I'm standing on my own ♪

♪ but now I'm not alone ♪

♪ always we will fight as one ♪

♪ till the battle's won ♪

♪ with evil on the run ♪

♪ we never come undone ♪

♪ assemble, we are strong ♪

♪ forever fight as one ♪

♪ assemble, we are strong ♪

♪ forever fight as one ♪

I got...

Armor hardware damaged. shield generators offline.

You think you're fast? Dodge these.

- What happened? - Well, he didn't dodge them.

I did mention that his suit seemed to be absorbent to...

Watch out!

Now, are you ready to talk about this?

That sound.

That's Vibranium.

I agree.


Don't even think about it.


What's your game, mister?

You save my life and then attack us.

And now you expect us to believe you're just going to surrender?

I am not surrendering, Captain.

I have simply seen enough.

I wanted to asses your abilities firsthand.

I am T'challa.

The prince of Wakanda.

But what are you doing here?

I need your help.

What do you need our help for?

You kind of mopped the floor with all four of us.

Yeah, well, for the record, I was holding back. But Jane's right.

We're kind of busy with an army of escaped super-villains.

My country has been overthrown by such a villain.

A brutal fiend called M'baku, the man-ape.

I need your help to get past the Wakandan people so I can restore the throne.

Get past the Wakandan people?

If your people are following this man-ape of their own free will, that's the end of the story.

- That's what the people want. - You do not understand.

The people are the problem.

They follow the old ways.

Man-ape won the throne in combat.

They feel they must follow him, no matter if he destroys everything.

And the man-ape will destroy everything.

I don't get it. I'm sure he's bad news and all, but how can he destroy everything?


I've studied it first hand. It's nothing to mess around with.

And legend has Wakanda's sitting on a Mountain of it.

The Vibranium mound.

It is our treasure and our responsibility.

For centuries we have defended it against any who would exploit it.

That kind of resource should belong to everyone.

Vibranium has the potential to change the world.

I agree, but not necessarily for the better.

Uh, yeah, Stark industries investigated the possibility of using Vibranium to make weapons.

It was a long time ago.

My people tried to deal with king T'chaka.

Where is he now?

If this man-ape is going to put lives in danger, we have to do something.

Lives are in danger, Avenger.

Computer, satellite view of Wakanda.

Wakanda can't be seen on satellite. Trust me, I've tried.

Zoom in.

Okay, how exactly do you know my systems inside and out?

I studied them...

Inside and out.


That's Grim Reaper. One of Strucker's guys.

But who's Abe Lincoln there?

I've met him.

Ulysses Klaw.

He created a device that converts Vibranium into a sonic weapon.

So who's up for invading Wakanda?

Thor still isn't responding to his to ID card.

Probably taking a trip to fantasy land.

So we need to go through torment forest, past piranha cove, but we have to avoid the chasm of...

What was it? Icy clouds?

- Chilling mists. - Right.

You okay, Cap?

In my day, if something went this high, we didn't call it an airplane.

What did you call it?

Science fiction.

This is not the path I laid out. You should avoid this area.

The jungle here is too well protected.

Don't worry, the quinjet has the best cloaking tech there is.


Wakanda defense tech is better.

You owe me a jet.

You chose not to listen to me, Stark.

It was a mistake.

You and me need to have a little talk, kitty.

Hey, would you look at the time?

Shouldn't we be somewhere? Like in a big fight against HYDRA?

Right, here's the plan.

We take down HYDRA and protect the Vibranium mound.

Then we deal with man-ape.

Don't under estimate the Wakandan army which is heading this way.

I wish you well, but I will deal with man-ape myself.

And he left.

You have got to be kidding me. What, I...

Okay, fine. Cap, go after him.

But you need...


Wow, he didn't argue with me or anything.

Uh, everyone, take notes.

He's a soldier, he follows orders.

Even bad ones.

Now, it's just the three of us against all of Wakanda, HYDRA, and a super-villain.

That's how much faith I have in you two.

Come on, I've dealt with HYDRA before.

And Wakanda, not a problem.

Okay, maybe a little problem.

And that is only scratching the surface of the metal's potential.

An army equipped with these could...

It'll do.

Baron Strucker and HYDRA thank you for your openness, your highness.

You think me a fool?

I know you outsiders value the Vibranium more than the gold you offer.

I'm not one to judge.

The Vibranium has corrupted Wakanda, weakened it.

I will restore my land to its natural state without the Panther tribe's technology.

If HYDRA will pay my price, they are welcome to it.

They will pay more for the Vibranium.

- Let me - Klaw, watch yourself.

If Strucker thinks he can cut me out, he's sorely mistaken.

Only I have the technology to tap into the Vibranium's power.

You do as I say, or that metal will blow up right in your face.

Now, that's not very friendly, is it?

Lord M'baku, Wakandan defenses have shot down an unidentified aircraft.

An army division has engaged outsiders within our borders.

If HYDRA crosses me, you will not live to regret it.

No, this isn't HYDRA.

This is something else.

Your tenacity is admirable, but you are very out of place in the jungle, Captain.

You came to us for help, so here I am.

This is my burden to bear alone.

So the Avengers were what? A distraction?

You're just using us to get past your own people?

Man-ape is mine.

Well, I've got my orders. Besides, I owe you one.

You saved my life, remember?

So you can let me help you, or we can go another round?

Man-ape took my father and I did nothing.

I failed him.

I know you can understand that, Captain.

Please, let me do this.

Okay, so that was......

A little harder than it should've been.

For an uncharted African nation, they've got tech that's decades ahead of anything we've got.

If HYDRA gets their hands on any of this...

They won't.

But I kind of wish Thor would answer his stupid phone.

Our warriors in the jungle do not respond.

I beg you, rid Wakanda of all the outsiders.

T'chaka would never.

I am king!

Not the Black Panther.

The Black Panther is no more.

You are wrong M'baku.

The Black Panther challenges you for the throne of Wakanda.


A challenged has been issued.

By tribal law, you must.

I have no use for tradition.

Crush the Panther cub.

You're on our list, pal.

I think you're number 34, but we can take you early.

Finally, someone to hurt.

Are you all insane?

You cannot do this in the Vibranium mine!

Do you know what I like most about Africa?

Dorylus Mandibularis.

Better known as African Army Ants.

Pym, you fool.

The Vibranium mound, if it absorbs too much energy it'll overload.

And with that much Vibranium, the explosion will take out half of Africa.

Wasp! Iron Man!

No, everyone stay back.

I think we're done with you, Klaw.

Klaw, no!

The sound. The sound!

I am the sound.

I can hear you.

HYDRA, you snakes.


I'm on it.

All ships, take whatever Vibranium you have and launch.

HYDRA's pulling out.

That's mine.

So does anyone have a plan?

Mine is earplugs, but it's kind of short term.

Your father trained them well, cub.

You do not have to do this.

You can face man-ape alone. Anyone else is fair game.

Tear the outsider apart.

I will deal with the Panther.

Sting, sting, bug, sting.

Bugs get crushed.

Shall I show you the same mercy you showed my father?

Ask him yourself when you join him.


A gift from Klaw.

Fitting you meet your ending the same way your father did.

But you are not even the man he was.

You go to outsiders for help.

No outsider can help you now.

I am not the same man as my father, M'baku, for my rage is greater.

Blasting him wasn't your best plan.

No kidding.

Hank, you know Vibranium better than anyone else.

What happened and how do we stop it?

Whatever's happened to Klaw it would appear that he's become some kind of sound-form.

His body is now made of pure sound.

So we have to shut him up. How?

I saw Klaw transform.

I can't explain it, but his sound form is somehow being projected from his sonic emitter.

And we can contain it with the same thing that created it.


Jan, you keep Klaw busy.

Tony and I have work to do.

This is the man who has brought catastrophe to our land.

The one who took your king through cowardice and dishonor.


T'challa! T'challa!

T'challa! T'challa! T'challa! T'challa!

T'challa! T'challa! T'challa!

You should have given up when you had the chance.

Because now that you're a giant...

you're going down.

We might have let you slide before.

No, you're right. We wouldn't have.

Enough. Enough!

Your wings make sound.

Annoying sound.

Sound is vibration, sound pressure.


Honestly, I thought this plan would be a little more high-tech.

The Vibranium should contain the sound from Klaw's sonic emitter.

There's just a small chance that the vibrational shockwave

could case destructive inference and then explode.

I heard destructive and explode.

And of course we have to get to the emitter first.

You'll have to fly into Klaw.

It might, uh, tingle a lot.


This is less like tingle. More like horrible pain!

Structural failure in 5, 4, 3, 2...

Got it

I can't believe that worked.

Tony, you did great. How do you feel?

Great. Now make me stop vibrating.

The true king of Wakanda has returned.

Now we may purify our land of the outsiders and return to the old ways.

Rise, my friend.

Outsiders may have threatened Wakanda, but outsiders saved us as well.

The old ways allowed man-ape to do this and the old ways must change.

My first order as king is to let the council lead Wakanda.

A council of the people.

We can no longer hide ourselves away, waiting for our enemies to come to us.

What happens in Wakanda affects the world, so I will go out into the world.

I will fight alongside our new allies.

You attacked us, you used us, you abandoned us.

Now you want to join us? Why should we trust you?

You shouldn't it. I will earn your trust should you allow me to join you.

He's probably our best bet for a ride home, too.

You're in.

Attention SHIELD command, this is hulkbuster unit 221, approaching the cube.

We are go for recon.

Stay sharp. I don't want any...