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Virginia “Pepper” Potts is an employee at Stark Industries, acting as Tony Stark's chief secretary. She is close friends with Tony and Rhodey, and is responsible for keeping track of the Avengers Mansion.


Early Life[]

Her early life was largely unknown, but it's stated that she got a job in Stark International (then Stark industries) as a secretary and became good friends with Tony and Rhodey.

Present Day[]

She was seen waiting for Tony and Rhodey to arrive in Stark Tower. As Tony finished his conversation with his best friend with good jokes, she informed him that HYDRA had attacked the United Nations and pleaded with Tony to get there and stop them, which blew the latter on his way to the armory to suit up as Iron Man.

While Tony is away fighting HYDRA, Pepper and Rhodey were both worried about their friend who has been fighting others who stole his tech and couldn't do all alone.

After Tony returned, Pepper was with Rhodey during their argument.

During the Breakout, Pepper had informed Tony about the current situation of all breakouts occured in four supervillain prisons.

After the Breakout, she was with the Hulk, trying to be really friendly before Tony arrived to show his teammates of their new HQ, the Avengers Mansion.

She was often seen in other occasions as the Avengers fought superpowered and alien threats.

Before A.I.M. invaded Stark Industries, Pepper was arguing with Tony about the company's future ever since when Stark had pulled off from weapons making business, which the company's profits are getting low. When A.I.M. attacked Stark Tower, she was held hostage by Scientist Supreme. She was there witnessing Technovore attacking her friends.

After A.I.M.'s failure to steal the Iron Man Armor, Scientist Supreme threatened to shoot her but she knocked him out with her bare hands. She then asked Tony if she can get a raise in her salary to which Iron Man complied and relieved that she's safe.


She has long red hair tied into a low ponytail and green eyes. She wears a light brown blazer with a black t-shirt, a brown skirt and shoes.


Pepper has always been worried about Tony who fought anyone who stole his technology long before the formation of the Avengers. She often gets stressed at her job as Stark's personal assistant.


Tony Stark[]

He was one of Pepper's good friends and possibly her love interest. She has worked with him as his secretary and assistant in Stark Industries.

James Rhodes[]

He is one of Pepper's good friends. They both worried about Tony's situation.

Powers and Abilities[]

She has no powers but is quite skilled in martial arts as she was able to knock out Scientist Supreme when he tried to take her hostage.


  • Some speculations from the fans believe that Pepper Potts will return as Rescue in the Avengers EMH Season 2 based on the Invincible Iron Man comics possibly.
  • Pepper also has an Avenger ID Card as seen in "Some Assembly Required" making almost everyone believed that she will be an Avenger as Rescue in Season 2 which never happened.