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"The infiltration has begun!"
―Pitt'o Nili[src]

Pitt'o Nili is the first of two Skrulls posing as Captain America during the Secret Invasion.


Skrull infiltration[]

Pitt'o Nili is a member of the Skrulls, a race of extraterrestrial conquers. He was sent to Earth to infiltrate the Avengers, impersonating Captain America.[1] He also went through a mystical ritual to gaining his identity theft victim's power and memories.[2]

He was sent to Earth to spy on the Avengers and other Earth elements and he was able to without suspicion from the Avengers. However, other people (such as Doctor Doom and Baron Zemo) may have known because of some minor slips. For example, he told Zemo "you have no idea who I am!" while his shadow was a Skrull shadow.[3][4]

He also fought Ronan the Accuser and acted differently because of his extreme hatred towards the Kree. He was later seen at a warehouse and used a communicator (which was hidden there so it wouldn't give away his identity). He then said "we have to move up our timetable (morphs half way), the Kree are coming".[5] He later left the Avengers Mansion, telling Iron Man that he will search for his old World War II buddies (even though most if not all would probably be deceased) but that was a lie. It's possible he contacted the other undercover Skrulls, but It's unknown if he or the other Skrulls knew that Madame Hydra (Skrull) was captured.[6]

Manipulative leadership[]

"As it is written. My queen."
―Pitt'o Nili[src]

Pitt'o Nili celebrated the welcome party of Carol Danvers. But when Griffin came swifting outside the pizza place, he, the Wasp, Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel went after the beast.

He used his motorcycle to go after him. He threw his shield at him, making him fly towards the sky to let it be attacked by Hawkeye, the Wasp and Ms. Marvel. After Griffin landed in a park fighting against Ms. Marvel, who was trying to fend the beast alone. He arrived at the scene, telling the Wasp and Hawkeye that in his time that it was worse. He arrived in the mansion along with the others, where they were approached by Iron Man. He suspected that there was a Skrull among them and accused of Hawkeye of being one. After Hawkeye was backed up the Hulk, they fought against Ms. Marvel and Iron Man, Captain America saved Iron Man and Hawkeye from each other and made them stop the fight. After Iron Man, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther left the team, Captain America convinced Hawkeye and Hulk staying alongside the Wasp and they became as the remaining Avengers, with himself as the leader.

Later that night, Captain America entered a warehouse. He changed back to his Skrull form and approached Veranke, telling the plan went as well as it was written.[7]

He also took advantage of the Red Hulk's rampage by manipulating Bruce Banner in surrendering to the Hulkbusters.[8] After he and Veranke ordered the Skrull Avengers to Wakanda, he had the real Avengers arrive in the confusion (presumably thinking the the former group would defeat the later group).[2][9]


"You! You lied to the Avengers. To the whole world, all using my face!"
"I didn't do anything. You did."
―Captain America and Pitt'o Nili[src]

During the Skrulls' final assault, Pitt'o Nili sent the Avengers to Washington, D.C., telling that another Skrull ship landed in the White House. But before arriving, the Quinjet gets attacked and makes and crash landing in the Reflecting Pool. When they get out, 12 Super-Skrulls ambush them.

Eventually, the Avengers fell, but not without realizing that Cap was the Skrull. In a fit of anger, Hawkeye sprints to the imposter to try to kill him, but only gets electrocuted by Thor-like Super-Skrull. One of the Super-Skrulls takes a cameraman and the imposter Cap orders him to film what he's about to say, the Skrull used his appearance and respect as Cap to influence the inhabitants of the Earth to surrender, tells the world that the Skrulls are the good guys that want to help them.

When the real Steve Rogers arrived to Washington, D.C. along other impersonated humans who escaped from the Skrull ship, he fiercely fought Rogers and lost in hand to hand combat and also destroying the energy shield. When the Skrulls were finally defeated, he, Veranke and the Super-Skrulls were incarcerated in Prison 42.[10]


Cap Skrull EMH 8504

Pitt'o Nili as Captain America.

Pitt'o Nili is a male with green skin, with eyes with irises an unnatural green color. His body build remains the same but his clothing changes and his ears are pointy.[1]

In his disguised form, he looks like Captain America. He began wearing a modified version of Captain America's costume with star symbols on his shoulders, a grey outline on the sides of his body, a mask doesn't have eagle wings on the side, and a lighter shade of blue.[3] He also uses a photonic shield which Tony Stark created from a unique iron alloy which is mounted on a wrist brace.[11]


He appears to be less of an "American soldier" than Captain America, at least in terms of decorum. As a Skrull warrior, he is not as 'by the books' as he says things such as "Avengers attack!" when the Kree are presented, showing the Skrulls' hatred for the Kree.[5] Baron Zemo counted on Captain America's code of honor to be safe from the Enchantress, but was betrayed. It appears that his personality is very similar to that of Ultimate Captain America. He is also sarcastic to his true counterpart.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a Skrull, he possessed the natural ability to shapeshift. It seems that he has the same abilities as Captain America. He can shapeshift into any person he desires to choose. He's also shown to be adapt in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to dodge the laser attacks of the Doombots. He took down 3 Kree guards with his energy shield without being hit once.[1]


Pitt'o Nili possesses a holographic energy shield that works like Captain America's unique Vibranium shield.[11]




  • This version of Pitt'o Nili primarily sports the Ultimate version of Captain America's suit, in contrast to Steve Rogers's classic Captain America suit.
  • He was the first member of the Avengers to be kicked off (having lasted for nine episodes) while Thunderbolt Ross was the second member.

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