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Thor and black panther and iron man were fought radioactive man

Radioactive Man is a radiation-based super villain. He was in the Cube before the Breakout happened.


Chen was one of the few prisoners in the Cube to not ally with the Leader in his his quest to create Gamma World.

Ultron tasked Chen with attacking Stark Tower, in order to distract the Avengers from his schemes.

When the Radioactive Man fought Iron Man, Thor, and Black Panther inside the Stark Tower, he nearly bested them all until when he tried to absorb the Arc Reactor's power, he was defeated by the trio.

He was taken to the Negative Zone and helps out during Assault On 42 when Annihilus attacks the prison. He was seemingly killed by the annihilation wave when Annihilus’s army collapsed the platform he stood on, sending him falling into the void of the Negative Zone.


Radioactive Man wore a mostly black suit, with a glowing yellow star and belt buckle on the front and ripped sleeves showing his glowing green skin. He also had a yellow visor on the front of his helmet.

Powers and Abilities[]

He can absorb and expel radiation across the spectrum, from heat blasts capable of destroying Annihilus’s bugs to high-intensity bursts that can rob objects of their inertia (such as stopping Thor's hammer in mid-flight). He is super-strong, and highly resistant to damage. Since he was a scientist prior to gaining his abilities, he presumably was fairly intelligent.


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Assault on 42