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He was locked in the big house in the breakout he walked from his cell

The Red Ghost is a super-villain who can turn intangible at will and an enemy of the Fantastic Four. He is accompanied by his Super-Apes who have enhanced abilities of their own.


The Red Ghost's early life is largely unknown. However, it is implied that he is one of the enemies of the Fantastic Four and, at some point, he was defeated and incarcerated into the Big House.

The Breakout[]

Red Ghost and Gibbon

Red Ghost and Igor.

When the Breakout happened, Red Ghost walked out of his cell and tried to escape from the Helicarrier. As he walked around he is approached by Ultron units. The Utron units tried to stun blast Red Ghost, but he evaded them by turning intangible. The Super-Apes then took out the Ultron units, except for Igor who came on his shoulder[1].

The Mistaken Trap[]

Later when Ultron gave the codes to Red Ghost, of the Baxter Building to occupy the Avengers. He tried to break in but was caught by the Hulk and Black Panther.[2]

Physical appearance[]

The Red Ghost has a build of a old man with a strong build. he is bald on the top of his head with long side beards that stops around his neck, he always has a red blush on his face. He wears the same costume based from the comics but a little trimmed.[1]


Red Ghost has shown to be not much a talker as he quietly approached the Ultron units. As well being calm and calculative at the dangerous situation.[1]



Red Ghost has a liking to his super-apes, he lets them accompany with him. He even lets Igor on his shoulder.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Red Ghost turning intangible

Red Ghost turns intangible.

  • Intangibility: Red Ghost can turn intangible by will by concentrating on it. He has shown it when he evade the stun blasts from the Ultron units.[1]
  • Superhuman reflex: Red Ghost has shown to have incredible reflex, by turning intangible by evading the stun blasts of the Ultrons.[1]


Background in other media[]

  • This is the third animated appearance of the Red Ghost. Previous versions include Fantastic Four and Iron Man.