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Iron Man firing his repulsor beam

The Repulsor Beam is the main weapon of Iron Man. It was powered by the Arc Reactor and RepulsorTech.


The Repulsor Beam emitts in bluish and red color as it fires away.


The Repulsor Beam can fire a target within a 10 miles away and can be used to boost their hover systems and weapons in combat.


The Repulsor Beam was created by Tony Stark,which serves as main weapons and jet boosters to the Iron Man armor he developed after his escape using the Mark I armor with flamethrowers that gave him the idea to make laser weapons for the advanced armors.

It was used by Iron Man,War Machine, Mandroids,Dreadnoughts,,and Ultron to power their weapons.


  • Iron Man
  • War Machine
  • Mandroids
  • Ultron.