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The Scientist Supreme is the lead scientist of A.I.M. the organization. He became the director of A.I.M. after the capturing of M.O.D.O.C. but his plans were thwarted by Iron Man and is then since locked up.


The Bargain[]

In the Gerlach Mountain range, he was in a high-tech arms deal with Lucia von Bardas as Doctor Doom's representative when Iron Man arrived and took out all of A.I.M. soldiers but let Lucia free. He was sent along the other members to the Vault, but soon after that the Breakout happened and he ran alongside the other escapees.[1]

Revenge on Stark[]

After M.O.D.O.C. was captured, Scientist Supreme became the new director of A.I.M. He wanted to take revenge on Tony Stark and steal his data. He used Technovore to invade Stark Industries and feed on Tony.[2]

He took Pepper Potts hostage and took her with him to the computer to download the data of Stark Industries. After the downloading was complete they left the building. Outside the building, the Avengers ambushed him and took aim at Pepper's head, but she escaped his grip and Scientist Supreme got knocked out by her. It's unknown if Scientist Supreme just stayed unconscious or was arrested for his crimes.[2]

Physical appearance[]

Scientist Supreme has never shown his face, but is a tall male with broad shoulders. He wears a modified standard A.I.M. uniform, his hood is rounder then the standard, with black tubes connected to his head and a small shaped black Y to look through.[1]


Background in other media[]