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Serpent Society
Serpent Society
Leader King Cobra
Madame Hydra (formerly)
Notable members

Death Adder
Constrictor (recent recruit)

Location Mobile

The Serpent Society is a team of supervillains with various snake-like powers and abilities.


They were in the Big House until the Breakout happened. Cobra briefly attacked Hank Pym, but quickly abandoned the job to escape, and Constrictor had a brief fight with Wasp. After that, they remained hidden from S.H.I.E.L.D.

They later resurfaced when they took few civilians hostage in an underground railway which got the Avengers' attention to fight them.

Before the fighting, King Cobra had claimed to the Avengers that Madame Viper had sent them a message of support, which actually was Ultron's ruse to distract the Avengers while upgrading his programming.

When the fighting broke out, the Avengers nearly had them until Hank got in their way, trying to negotiate with them and end this peacefully which it failed. Hank's pacifist actions had let the Serpent Society to escape and let to Hawkeye getting injured.

Later when Hank was Yellowjacket, he "killed" the Society except for Madame Viper , but in actuality they were transported into Yellowjacket's Microverse Prison.

When the prison became unstable, it began to cave in on itself, shattering the Society’s cells. The Society attacked the Avengers, but were taken out. Hank was then able to teleport everyone out of the prison, including the Society, right before they would have all died. The Society was then presumably imprisoned in Hydro-Base.