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"Enough of this. Secure the prisoner!"

Skragg is a Skrull who performed brutal interrogations on prisoners.


Early life[]

Skragg was on the planet Skrullos until its destruction by Galactus.[1]

Prisoner of War[]

Skragg was assigned by the commander to interrogate Steve Rogers in a prison cell for information through torture and mockery. During the Skrull Avengers' "rescue", he pretended to be scared much to Rogers's suspicion. After Rogers takes the imposters down, he's dragged along. He's then confronted, revealing the Skrull invasion of Earth before entering a prison cell with Madame Hydra and gets beaten by the two prisoners.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Shapeshifting: Skragg can shapeshift into a duplicate of anyone.
    • Mimicry: Skragg can mimic the powers, voices and personality of the people he shapeshifts in.


Skragg utilized a torture device on his hand.[1]


Notes and References[]