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"Avengers assemble."
Tony Stark

Some Assembly Required is the eighth episode of Season One of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the overall series.


Hulk is magically manipulated by the Enchantress to attack his teammates.


The Mandrill is stealing - he leaps from a multi-story building, and lands with the agility one would expect of a simian mutate. A female police officer draws on him, but he uses his pheromones to put her first into a trance, and then unconscious. He turns to flee but is zapped by the Wasp, who calls upon him to surrender. Mandrill scoffs... and then Iron Man arrives. Then Thor. Then Ant-Man. Then Hulk. As Iron Man said... "One down, seventy-three to go."

Meanwhile, on a cargo ship and dock, a stowaway from a ship is confronted by a group of sailors intent on his capture. The group of sailors proves no match for the Black Panther, who jumps ship into the dark Manhattan night.

The next morning, Pepper Potts meets a punctual Hulk at the place destined to the Avengers Mansion; the others are late (A cameo of Enchantress and Skurge are also seen walking pass the two). The other members begin to show up as the Hulk grouses about their tardiness. Iron Man gives the Avengers a guided tour, and Pepper hands out the Avenger ID cards.

The Hulk is talking with Bruce in his head, and Bruce warns Hulk that after the Avengers have rounded up the escaped prisoners, they'll turn on Hulk.

Iron Man notes that although the old super-prisons are destroyed like the Big House, his friend Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four is building the Negative Zone prison for the other escapees.

Later, in his room, Hulk talks more with his Banner-image - but the real Banner in his head and in chains warns Hulk that the image to which he speaks is not Banner! The Hulk stomps off, and we see that the Banner to which he was speaking is none other than... the Enchantress! Meanwhile, Hank Pym is working on his prototype Ultron head, and having an argument with Wasp, a continuation of the "hero vs. scientist" discussion from the micro-episodes. Jan decides to chuck her penthouse apartment and move into the Avengers Mansion, where Thor and Hulk are already staying, telling Pym "Firemen sleep in the firehouse".

The Enchantress prowls the Mansion, hexing JARVIS, and assumes Bruce Banner's form. JARVIS issues a warning to Thor that there is an intruder interfering with the security, and Thor suggests that Hulk and he patrol the Mansion. Hulk leaves in a huff, and Pepper convinces Thor to go after him to bring him back. Thor and Hulk fight in Central Park.

Fury and Stark have a meeting, where Fury tells Stark that Fury will support the Avengers all he can, behind the scenes, but that super-powered heroes with that much power make people nervous. Pepper tells Stark about the Hulk situation, and Stark summons the Avengers together. Iron Man and Thor figure out that the Hulk is enchanted, but the Hulk cannot be stopped - until the Banner part of the Hulk's psyche breaks the bonds that suppress him. The Hulk breaks off the attack and flees. Iron Man is struck down by surprise by the Executioner, and the Avengers face off against the Enchantress and the Executioner!

Meanwhile, Hulk and Banner discuss the nature of the Hulk's existence. The Hulk fears that he is a monster; Banner tells him he will only be a monster if he deserts his Avenger comrades, who Hulk was tricked into fighting. The Hulk returns to the battle in the nick of time, saving Giant-Man from losing his head. Thor charges Iron Man's damaged armor with his mystic lightning, and the battle royal is on! During a lull in the fight, the Enchantress tries to retake control of the Hulk, but now that he is aware of her influence it fails; he's too angry for her magic to find a grip. The Enchantress is defeated, but the Executioner cleaves time/space and escapes with her unconscious body.

After the fight, the Hulk quits, claiming that the Enchantress was right. He bounds off, and the Avengers return to the mansion... which is being watched by the Black Panther.

The Hulk bounds to the arctic north to the ice where we see Captain America's shield trapped in the ice! Soon Steve Rogers will return and be alive to see the future and find out that he wins the finale of World War II against the Red Skull with Bucky, Jack Fury and the Howling Commandos on the next mission.



  • In Avengers #2, it was the Space Phantom Who caused the Hulk to leave the Avengers, not the Enchantress and the Executioner.
  • Enchantress and the Executioner can be seen disguised as civilians in front of the mansion.