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Stark Tower

Stark Industries was an industrial/military company headed by Tony Stark aka Iron Man.


The company was originally owned by Howard Stark in World War II. But when he died, his son Tony took over as new CEO with Obadiah Stane as his business partner.

The company has contributed great inventions that changed the world like the Arc Reactor for example. It also houses the Iron Man armors inside where Tony builds them.

Stark Industries used to build and sell weapons to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the United States military but stopped the high-tech weapons sales due to other factions who stole his tech and twisted them into more dangerous war machines. It converted its weapons production to application manufacturing but has still continued weapons manufacturing.

The Stark Industries has a one big Stark Tower in New York City where Stark do his other work as CEO in his spare time.


  • Iron Man Armors
  • Arc Reactor
  • Man-Droids
  • Repulsor Tech Weapons
  • Repulsor Shielding Systems
  • Helicarrier
  • Quin Jets
  • Ultron (Only Stark added weapons into it)
  • Energy Shield (Later given to a Skrull posing as Captain America)

Notable Employees[]