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"Amora the Enchantress. You serve me now!"

Surtur (also known as Surtr and Surt) is the lord of the Fire Demons and the ruler of Muspelheim. He is also the master of a now enslaved and possessed Amora the Enchantress and granted her a great deal of power so that her loyal follower can take his army and carry out his plans for him.


Surtur is a massive Fire Demon. His body is well-built and appears to have tremendous strength. His body is red and his hair is made of flames.


Surtur desires the destruction of all the Nine Realms through fire and depends on his minions and subordinates to do what he pleases.


The Reforge[]

"Surtur has indeed left Muspelheim. With the protective seals broken, there was nothing to prevent his escape."
Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Animated Series) Season 2 3 Screenshot

Surtur captures and possesses Enchantress.

After the Seal of Bor's Sons was broken, the fire demon lord escaped and burned Nidavellir to the stone and stole the shattered remains of the sword he seek. Surtur then possessed Enchantress and attacked with his army the homeworld of Beta Ray Bill, Korbin. At the burning planet, he reforge the Twilight Sword. After the Enchantress was defeated by Thor and Bill, he cleared the forging of his sword.[1]

Surtur Proposal One

Surtur forging his Twilight Sword ready for Ragnarok.

Setting the plans into motion[]

He later sent the Enchantress to free Loki and allow him to go on a rampage through the Destroyer as a distraction for the Avengers while "planting the seeds of destruction".

After Enchantress reports to Surtur, he then said that Ragnarok will descend and everything will burn.