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"Arc Energy signature located. Consume."

Technovore is a nanotech A.I. in the form of a giant mechanical parasite that consumes any data, machinery and energy itself.


Early life[]

Technovore was created to destroy any data by an unknown creator, but went out of control and consumed everything it encountered. It was later captured and send to The Vault by S.H.I.E.L.D..


When the Breakout happened in The Vault, Technovore escaped alongside other criminals. At a certain point, it was captured by A.I.M. and was put in a containment pod.

Later, A.I.M. used Technovore to take revenge on Tony Stark. When A.I.M. released Technovore in Stark Industries, it went after Tony's arc reactor in his body and fought both Tony and Maria Hill. After War Machine was used by James, Technovore went after him. When Technovore dragged War Machine to the arc reactor, Iron Man in the Mark IX armor used Technovore to consume the energy of the reactor and to deactivate the bombs as well. Technovore then exploded due to consuming too much energy.


Technovore is a large creature towering over people like War Machine. It's a computerized A.I. in the from of a large parasitic worm with two red eyes which can detetect data energy. It has two arms which can strength to several meters and a mouth with teeth with tentacles in it to consume energy.


Being an A.I. it has no feelings and does what it is programmed to do. Technovore is programmed to consume datas for companies, until it went out of control and consumes everything in it's path which it desires without feeling any remorse to it.

Power and Abilities[]

  • Data consuming: Technovore can consume any data, machinery and energy.
  • Superhuman Strength: Technovore has superhuman strength able to hold on his own in battle.