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The Coming of the Hulk is the 2nd micro episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


Bruce Banner is on the run in Las Vegas, where he is being sought by law enforcement and the military Hulkbusters unit. Banner himself is tracking the Absorbing Man, and offers to help the criminal cure his powers. The Absorbing Man goads Banner into becoming the Hulk, so that the Absorbing Man can defeat him.

After drawing him into the desert, the Hulk battles the Absorbing Man, and after defeating him is engaged by the Hulkbusters, who are ordered to stand down by SHIELD agents Hawkeye and the Black Widow, who engage the Hulk.

Hawkeye and the Black Widow fight and capture the Hulk, despite the attack of the Hulkbuster army team. SHIELD takes Hulk and the captive Absorbing Man to the Cube for imprisonment. The Hulk, having reverted to Banner, is left in the custody of Leonard Sampson, who takes a blood sample and vows that Sampson will never stop trying to cure Banner. Later, Hawkeye visits Banner, and learns that Banner believes that the true purpose of the Cube is not to contain and cure radiation-created monsters, but rather to learn how to replicate them under military control.

Returning from his visit to Bruce Banner, Hawkeye finds that the Black Widow is stealing the Hulk's blood sample. He investigates, and hacks the Black Widow's account, as she's isolated all of her reports and communications on her private workstation. He finds that she is spying for Hydra, and stealing Hulk's blood sample for them. She has arranged a drop, and Hawkeye follows her, confronting her. As SHIELD arrives, the Black Widow frames Hawkeye for the theft, accusing him of being the double-agent for Hydra. After a short battle, the Black Widow takes Hawkeye down, and orders him confined in isolation until she gives the word.