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The Deadliest Man Alive is the 22nd episode of Season Two of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the 48th episode of the overall series.


During the midst of the Skrull Invasion, the fake Captain America convinced Hulk to transform back to Bruce Banner and turn himself in for a crime he didn't commit of destroying the Helicarrier. Now that his name's been cleared, Bruce isn't just mad... he's raging![1]


Captain America and Iron Man travel to a Hulkbuster Base because Hulk is cleared of crimes committed by Red Hulk. They release him and he gets angry at Cap and runs into the woods. Thunderbolt Ross tells them that they just freed a deadly person. Iron Man tells the other Avengers to help them defeat Hulk. Red Hulk eventually comes and helps them defeat Hulk. Red Hulk joins them.

Captain America sneaks into Hydro-Base with Wasp and finds out that Hulk had a device on the back of his head. Wasp gets it off and the Avengers appear. Hulk attacks Red Hulk and a device falls to the ground. Cap finds out that Red Hulk placed the device on Hulk. Iron Man reveals that he planted an implant on Red Hulk's Avengers ID card and it returns him to his true human form.

Everyone is shocked see that Red Hulk was really Thunderbolt Ross, who is then sent to jail. Hulk now rejoins the Avengers, but needs some time to cool him off for a while, promising to return when they call him back for the final battle.



  • Red Hulk returns from the episode "Code Red".
  • Hulk is in the hands of the Hulkbusters since "Nightmare in Red".
  • Captain America (Skrull) is mentioned in this episode for the last and final time.
  • Maria Hill was seen in a flashback from the episode "Nightmare in Red".
  • While The Hulk still appears in one more episode, this is the last episode to feature Bruce Banner.


  • With Thunderbolt Ross imprisoned, that means there really isn't anyone left to senselessly chase after the Hulk.
  • When Ross' LMD said on national tv about the colors red, blue, and green of the other Hulks, he mentions A-Bomb, Hulk's friend.
  • When the Hulk leaves with the Avengers card, he will return in the Season 2 finale.
  • Betty Ross does not appear in this episode to warn her father.


"You have just freed the deadliest man alive."
―Thunderbolt Ross
"But, if you need me, call. After all, what are friends for, right?"