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The Fall of Asgard is the twenty-fifth episode of Season One of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the overall series. It is also the second trilogy of Loki's War.


Lost and separated, the Avengers struggle to survive in the nine realms of Asgard. But with Thor defeated and Iron Man’s armor not functioning… what chance do they have? As realm after realm falls, the Avengers join the resistance, heading for the final confrontation with Loki.


When Hawkeye wakes up, he is in Alfheim and encounters a group of horsemen fleeing in fear of Loki's army. He fights alone against Loki's army and is assisted by Faradai, a soldier in the light alf army.

Captain America was pulled into Niffleheim where he was tormented by the souls of the Howling Commandos back in World War II except for Bucky and Logan who never died. They wanted to convince him to give up and enjoy the reward Captain America deserved, but the latter realized that the real ones wouldn't give up a fight and then he dispersed the souls off.

In Svartalfheim, Black Panther had been pulled into there and was chased by the Dark Elves' tortured souls after examining the bones of the dead elves. After a long chase, he finally found his way out through the well which leads to Alfheim where he bumped into Hawkeye and Faradei.

The ogres were tasked in escorting the Asgardian prisoners to their labor and concentration camps in Vanaheim, the Hulk had showed up with the Executioner's axe and attacked them after being pulled to their realm by the stone's destruction. The ogres tried to beat the Hulk in numbers, but the green monster took care of them with a powerful thunderclap. After that, he was thanked and respected by the Warriors Three because of his immense strength and 'gift of battle'.



  • Tony Stark is saying his most famous quote of the MCU: "I am Iron Man."