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The Kang Dynasty is the nineteenth episode of Season One of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the overall series. It is also the third and final episode of the Kang Trilogy.


The Avengers attack and invade Kang's ship with the help of the last Ultron army.


As the Avengers (excluding the Black Panther, because he's in Wakanda) prepare to board the specialized Quinjet to take them into space, Kang is prepared to fire Damocles’ most powerful weapon. His target is Avengers Mansion. Realizing the blast would wipe out much of New York, Thor exists the ship and deflects Damocles’ powerful weapon back at the ship. While Thor may have saved New York and damaged Kang’s ship, the action leaves him in a coma.

Falling to Earth, the remaining two Ultrons catch him and put him someplace safe. So now, one of the Avengers’ top guns and one-third of their Ultron robots are immediately taken out of the battle. Iron Man and Wasp defend the Quinjet while the rest of the team smash their way onto Damocles. That team (Hulk, Cap, Hawkeye, Pym, and two Ultrons) are met by some of Kang’s goons and quickly appear over-matched.

Using a little of Wasp’s own creative thinking, Iron Man and Wasp get into the ship as well. The two teams eventually overpower Kang’s men. Kang himself is in for a shock when Iron Man reveals that he’s been able to adapt his armor to be able to even the odds against the conqueror.

However, the tipping point in this battle is Wasp finding Kang’s love, Princess Ravonna, in suspended animation. When his future is wiped out, Ravonna was in danger of being erased as well. When Ultron is about to take Damocles back to its own timeline, Wasp stops him, explains Ravonna’s situation, and take Kang into custody. S.H.I.E.L.D. occupies Damocles to let the new company of S.W.O.R.D. take care of it, Thor wakes up from his coma, Reed Richards and Hank study Ravonna, and Ultron appears ominously in the background and perhaps fully aware of what he will become for the next battle. The episode ends with another threat from Kang, now imprisoned in 42, about Captain America’s actions being the downfall of the planet that the new invasion will begin on the new season.



  • Kang's reference to Captain America's betrayal and Earth's destruction of the World War II victory foreshadows the Captain's replacement by a Skrull impostor during the Secret Invasion, as well as the Kree invasion of Earth for the next season.
  • This is the Third and final episode of the Kang Trilogy.