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Fight as One - Avengers Intro Song

……… TBA

This is sad, Hank. I'm the one that makes all this possible, you know? This-- This--


Right. All the business arrangements. The grants. I manage your entire life so you can do this. And it's so boring. So boring.

Jan, I'm mapping insect genomes. What could be better? 

Did you hear something? 

What was that? Jan? 

Jan, where did you go? I just replicated an ant chromosome. It's amazing.

That's awesome, Hank. Got to fly now. 

Did you just shoot at me? That was a mistake. Nobody shoots at Whirlwind.

Whirlwind? So what, you just woke up and thought you'd trash some college lab? Not very ambitious. 

Not very ambitious? Trashing that lab just made me a millionaire.

Oh, crime. Well, in that case. After I take you down, we'll call the cops. Is that all you've got, really? 

You want to play? Let's play.

This is unit 4-10, en route to a possible code blue, over.

Look at you. You're blowing it. You can do so much more with your powers. You can blend giant drinks. Or cool people off in hot weather. Instead, you're just going to the big house. Whoa.

Huh? What is that? 

Let me guess. An ant told you what was going on.

A termite, actually. He was in the sonics lab when it happened.

Sonics lab? What did this guy steal? 

What are you doing, Jan? We should leave this to the authorities. They can rehabilitate him, he could be a valuable member of society.

The police can't handle this, Hank. It's up to us.

This isn't the best use of our time.

No, you're wrong. This is the best use of our time. This is what we should be doing. Using our abilities, your inventions, to help people.

Science helps people. Not fighting.

Ugh! You're not getting it.

No, I am getting it. You're not trained for this kind of thing, and I don't want you to get hurt. This isn't a 

Play time's over.


No way.



I know it's not a game, Hank. But I can do more than make money and take meetings. Together we can do more. And we can have fun doing it.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me. I can't believe you guys are sitting down for this. You got powers, use them.

Vous êtes un idiot. You don't know anything. You don't even know where you are, do you 

Warning, prisoner Cannon, David, this behavior is unacceptable Perhaps you would like to talk about this? 

Try talking without your head, robot.

David, you are making a mistake.

Shut up! See? It's not that hard. What? I can't-- 

You really shouldn't insult the synthezoids, Mr. Cannon. They're just doing their jobs.

Hi, spin cycle. Miss me? 

Dr. Pym, SHIELD thanks you for lending a hand in taking Whirlwind down.

Uh, well, I-- Well, actually, it was Jan who took him down.

Maybe you should come work for me Ms. Van Dyne. The Wasp, agent of SHIELD.

I like it.


Hey, I think I can see my penthouse from here.

We appreciate the tour, Director. But I'd like to get a status report on the Big House Facility. I'm a little concerned, frankly.

The Big House is secure, Doctor. Everything is fine.

I created it to help people whose genetics have been altered. They need cures and criminals need rehabilitation. Not punishment. I can't help, but notice that not a single person has been discharged yet.

This is what SHIELD does. You have to trust us. We know what these guys are capable of, but I much rather talk about the two of you. SHIELD could use a team like you.

You want to recruit us? For real? 

What you've done, Dr. Pym, given yourself and Janet powers-- 

Stop. If you're just interested in having your own superhuman soldiers, the answer is no.

Look, Ant-Man.

I agreed to work with SHIELD to help people like Whirlwind, not to do more fighting. I'm not going to make weapons for you. You've already got Tony Stark for that.

What's it like living in your own little science world, Pym? You guys played hero. Took down Whirlwind. Did you even bother to ask what he stole? 

I did. 

A sonic disrupter. Whirlwind was working for this guy.


You saw what he did with the small amount of Vibranium he got his hands on. And he's still out there. So you two go home and think about how you want to help super-villains have comfier jail cells. Because we'll still be here making the world safer.


Director Fury. We just got back DNA testing on Whirlwind. The power dampeners are having a hard time with him, and now we know why. He's a mutant.

Double the power on his collar. Then contact the Mutant Response Division. Let the Mardies handle mutants.

Can't do this to me. Can't hold the Whirlwind! 

Please, Whirlwind. Stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

I'm embarrassing myself? You're the one just sitting in there giving up. Why aren't you trying to get out of here? 

Try? I have already calculated 11 different ways to escape from this prison. I choose not to.

Why not? 

I do not need to.

Who-- Who are you? 

I am just a simple thinker. Though some call me mad. You see, I have done the math. This is one of four major super-villain prisons, each holding some of the most powerful criminals on the planet.

Catastrophe is inevitable. All systems break down. We will be free, and soon.

Face me! Come, Black Panther, and face the Man-Ape.

Father, please. Do not do this.

It is the law, my son. This is how the kings of Wakanda have chosen to rule. This is how it is written, and we will respect it.

But the White Gorilla tribe, they cannot claim what is ours.

M'Baku has made a challenge to the throne of Wakanda. It is your father's duty as King and Black Panther to meet it.

Father, if you lose, you know what he will do to this country.

And this why I will not lose. Our family has protected Wakanda and its treasurefor. The Black Panther's reign will not end this day. Turn back, M'Baku. There is no shame.

I have been waiting for this moment for years, T'Chaka. The White Gorilla tribe has been ignored for centuries. No longer! 

It was a mistake to come here, M'Baku. The White Gorilla tribe was exiled long ago, your mere existence is forbidden. But still I have respected you and your lands. And this is how you repay me? 

No, Panther, this is.

Father! Let me go! We have to help him.

No. We can not. This is the law. Your father respects it, and so must you.

So arrogant T'Chaka. That is your downfall. I never wanted your respect. Can you hear me? I wanted your hide. Bow to your new king. Bow to M'Baku, the Man-Ape! 

For generations, the Black Panther tribe ruled Wakanda. They crushed my people under their heels. But no more.

What of the Black Panther's son? Will he return? 

It does not matter. That Panther is defeated and kings of Wakanda do not ask for him. Even if he did, who could help him? 

Well, I'm glad I could be of assistance. But I'll be taking my payment now. I've got men ready.

Very well. As promised. The Vibranium is yours to take, Klaw.

It's always good to go right to the source.