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"I am Thor, son of Odin and prince of this realm called Asgard."
―Thor to Beta Ray Bill[src]

Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and Lightning and the prince of Asgard. He is the son of Odin and one of the founding members of the Avengers.


"Move back mortals. Thor the Thunderer will deal with these villains."

-- 'Thor' [src]

Young adventures[]

In the movie of "Thor: Tales of Asgard", the son of Odin, the ruler of Asgard, Thor was a spoiled prince who had never left the confines of the walls of Asgard. Thor was raised with his brother Loki, a skilled sorcerer. He was allowed to win every training battle with Odin's elite guard, the Einherjar. After being embarrassed by Sif in battle, Thor followed the Warriors Three on their quest to find the Sword of Surtur. After discovering that the Warriors Three only visit the outpost pub when they leave Asgard, led him and Loki to join the group and search for the sword. This led them to Jotunheim where they were able to secure the sword of Surtur, but due to Thor's inexperience, he could not control the sword properly and ended up killing two Frost Giant sentries. The young Odinson's actions led to a war between the Jotunheim and Asgard. After Algrim the Dark Elf took the sword and attacked Odin, Loki was able to kill him, and Thor was able to end the war.

Defending Asgard[]


The Mighty Thor

The Wrecking Crew, trying to steal a piece of Stark Industries technology, are confronted by a squadron of police, whom they easily defeat using their powers. When Jane Foster arrives to treat the wounded, she is surrounded by the Crew, who start to advance on her when one of them is knocked back by a powerful blow. Thor appears, revealing the blow to have been his trusty hammer Mjolnir, which he had thrown at the Crew member and then recalled to his hand. Instructing the 'mortals' to stand back, he proceeds to single-handedly fight, and subsequently defeat, most of the Crew. When their leader takes Jane as a hostage, Thor expresses his disgust and asks if he has any honor. When Wrecker says no, Thor uses Mjolnir to attack him from behind, freeing Jane. As they are getting acquainted, with Thor asking her why she risks her life if she is mortal, they are interrupted by Heimdall, who says Thor is desperately needed in Asgard. Saying goodbye to a dumbstruck Jane, Thor flies onto the portal, leaving her alone.


Heimdall “Asgard is under siege!”

on the pier. When Thor arrives in Asgard, he is informed by Heimdall that the Frost Giants are marching towards Odin's throne. Since the Odinsleep is almost upon him, the King is weakened and must rely on his warriors to stop them. Expressing frustration at not being able to help Thor due to his duty to defend the Bifrost Bridge, Thor tells him that he will fell a Frost Giant in his name. Thor then goes to confront the Giants.


Thor vs Frost Giants 

He arrives at the scene of the fight just as one of the Giants is about to kill Sif. He breaks the creature's axe just as it is about to crush the female Asgardian, then confronts another Giant who is armed with a sword. As they battle, causing massive property damage to Asgard in the process, Odin sees through his ravens that Thor has arrived and breathes a sigh of relief. Thor continues to battle the Giants and is about to finish them off when he is suddenly frozen by an unseen foe. He easily breaks free but is pummeled by the remaining Giants. Just as one is about to bite his head off, Thor comes to and calls Mjolnir to him, just barely escaping the Giant's teeth. He then proceeds to defeat the Giants with a massive bolt of lightning.


Thor vs Loki

As he surveys his victory, Thor is suddenly attacked from behind by his evil step-brother, Loki. Thor, seeing who attacked him, pleads with Loki to return to the person Thor once knew, but the God of Evil simply laughs at him, telling him he had his chance to pick sides, and lunges with his spear. Using Mjolnir, Thor fights his brother, and gains the advantage. He is about to finish Loki off with a huge blast of energy, when Loki simply vanishes. Proclaiming that Loki cannot beat him, Thor is again attacked from behind by Loki, who tries his best to stop Thor. Having had enough, Thor simply deflects his brothers attacks, and captures Loki, bringing him before Odin.


Odin exiles Loki, on the Island of Silence

Odin is heart broken and infuriated by Loki's continued attempts to overthrow him, his own father, but Loki yells that Odin is not his father. He rants on about Odin being a liar and king of fools, but he pushes Odin too far, who banishes him to the Isle of Silence. When the deed is done, Thor approaches Odin, who tells him it is almost time for the Odinsleep, and that Thor has much to prepare. Thor, however, says that Balder and Sif will be there to defend him, while he goes back to attend Midgard. Outraged, Odin tells Thor that Asgard is his responsibility, not Midgard, but Thor rebuffs this, stating that he will not be a part of Odin's game any longer. He accuses his father of keeping everyone under his heel, and that he could have stopped Loki's attack before it even happened. Just as Odin is about to lash out at him, Thor says that he will always be there to defend Asgard if need be and that he would see to Midgard until then. He storms out, with Odin allowing his son to leave. Thor expresses some regret to himself over his actions, but remains firm in his belief that Earth is where he is needed most. With that, he flies off back to Midgard, failing to notice that someone was watching him as he left.

Forming the Avengers[]

Thor is observing the city, and also following Jane Foster, when he is approached by Balder. The two exchange happy greetings, but when Thor asks him why he is there, he sees the sadness in Balder's eyes, and asks who sent him instead. Balder says that Odin wants Thor to return home to Asgard, to defend it while Odin sleeps. Thor, however, refuses, which makes Balder question why Thor stays on Midgard. Thor says that he is needed there more than Asgard, since they fighting in Asgard is meaningless, and everything that happens on Earth is not. They are interrupted by sirens, and Thor sees Jane Foster tending someone who is hurt. However, a car bounces off of another car, which had previously been in an accident, and is about to crush her when Thor swoops down and saves her (Balder returns to Asgard off-screen). Expressing gratitude, Jane asks Thor if he had been following her, to which he shyly says yes, because she intrigues him.

The two of them go to a café, where they discuss their individual lives. Thor, who is attracting many glances and stares from passer-byes and others at the café, tells her about Odin and the Odinsleep. Hearing that his world is in danger while Odin sleeps, Jane tells Thor he should go back. When he says that he is needed on Earth (in a funny, stubborn way) Jane tells him that the mortals have been fine without him before due to their own heroes, and that it will be ok for a week. Just as it seems Thor might reconsider and go back home, there is an explosion. Asking Jane if she was so sure that Earth would still be there, Thor takes off to investigate the disturbance.

Thor is the first of Earth's heroes to confront the mad and very powerful Graviton, and is the first to witness his gravity-bending powers, which affect even the mighty Asgardian warrior. However, not one to back down, Thor continues to fight, until he is sent beneath the ocean by Gravitons power. He remains buried beneath the sand until the other heroes of Earth arrive, and distract Graviton enough for Thor to free himself. Rejoining the battle, Thor teams up with Iron Man, Ant-Man and Wasp in an attempt to stop Graviton. When Graviton lifts a huge portion of New York, which he is going to use to destroy the rest of the city, Thor uses Mjolnir to stop him, then flies down to catch the huge portion of earth and prevent it from causing a huge tidal wave which would have killed thousands. When they are all subdued by the insanely powerful villain, the Hulk arrives to aid them, and the battle shifts in their favor. In the end, after Hulk beats up Graviton, Wasp continues to sting him, Giant Man throws a huge ship on him, and Iron Man weakens him with a Uni-Beam, Thor unleashes his full power against the villain, and strikes him with a huge blast of lightning and magic, finally bringing the foe down (however, Wasp is the one to render him unconscious with a final sting when Thor's attack is done). After their victory, Thor group-hugs the informal team, but then S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives to re-capture the Hulk, who had been freed from the Cube along with most of Earth's villains.

As Hulk is about to attack, the others stand up for him, Thor included, and Iron Man says that the Hulk is as much of a hero as the rest of them were. Then, Iron Man asks the other four to join him as a team to bring down the remaining villains. When they all agree, and Wasp comes up with a name for the group, the Avengers are officially formed.

Captain America returns[]

Thor and Iron Man searched for Hulk with Wasp and Ant Man in the Quinjet. Thor told Iron Man he should rely on his instincts then on technology, but just as he said that Iron Man found a frozen Captain America, who was still alive. When Captain America was thawed out, he immediately started to attack the Avengers. When Wasp showed him his and Bucky’s memorial, he learns that he had been frozen for several decades. Realizing the world needed him again, he joined the Avengers.[1]

Thor and Wasp chased down A.I.M agents and ran into MODOC, who eventually escaped. Thor told Wasp that scientists are not meant to to be trusted. The two of them joined Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant-Man in battle against Wonder Man.

Gamma World[]

Thor next assisted his team during their hunt for former S.H.I.E.L.D. member Hawkeye. He and his team stealth fully chased Hawkeye through the city until Clay Quartermain, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., notified the Avengers that S.H.I.E.L.D needed their help with the Leader. Thor entered the dome the Leader inhabited with the rest of his teammates, being the only one who didn't need a suit to keep the Gamma radiation from infecting them. When Wasp got turned into a wasp-like creature, Thor tried to snap her out of her trace, while protecting Doc Samson. These efforts were useless to Wasp but Thor eventually returned her to normal, with help from the other avengers.[2]

Thor season 1

Thor ended up being the only Avenger not to be infected after the Leader attempted to control everyone after his first failure. When questioned by the Leader on why he was not infected by the Gamma Radiation, Thor explained that it was because he was Asgardian and was unaffected by the same things mortals are. He was attacked by Abomination. After his hammer flew into his hand, Absorbing Man absorbed it. He thought he could beat Thor, but was wrong. Thor now was able to control him and send him flying into The Leader. He also teamed up with Hawkeye and Hulk to defeat Leader.[3]

Masters of Evil[]

Thor and the rest of the Avengers faced the Masters of Evil, comprised of several supervillains they had previously faced. He was captured and talked to by Enchantress, who told him that she wanted him after he asked what she wanted from the Avengers. After being freed, Thor was asked by Enchantress if he would really hurt a woman. He objected to this, but told her that Hulk might. Eventually, the Masters of Evil fled. Thor and the other avengers wondered why they attacked them at the Mansion.

Thor helped Iron Man, Hulk, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Captain Marvel defeat a Kree Sentry Drone that was about to use the Nega-Bomb inside it to wipe out Earth. Ant-Man was knocked out but was still alive. Thor, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel took the bomb into space after the robot was destroyed. Thor threw the bomb far away from Earth. It exploded and the blast knocked Thor out. Hulk caught him and he recovered.

Kang The Conqueror[]

Thor helped Ant-Man and Wasp escort Blizzard to Prison 42. Later, he fought Kang the Conqueror and protected Captain America, who Kang blamed for the destruction of his timeline. He showed them the future. Thor blasted him with lightning and let him flee. Kang launched his machines and sent them to attack New York. Thor and the other avengers defeated them and went into space to stop Kang. Thor stopped Kang from firing a weapon that could destroy the city, but got hurt. After Kang was defeated, Wasp visited him in the hospital.

Malekith's War[]

Thor fought Radioactive Man with Iron Man and Black Panther at Stark Tower. He managed to throw him into the Arc Reactor, but Radioactive Man absorbed the energy. Iron Man tried to send it into the ground, but Thor unleashed lightning and send lots of water to pour onto the reactor, defeating Radioactive Man. He later felt magic and found out that The Casket of Ancient Winters was opened by Malekith, who was trying to bring the Dark Elves to Midgard. Thor, Black Panther, and Iron Man defeated him and closed the casket, which was then stolen by the Enchantress. Thor tried to follow her into Asgard, but found out that he was locked out.

Loki's Conquest of the Nine Realms[]

Thor was teleported to Asgard where he was imprisoned and Mjolnir was put in a protection spell by Loki, who conquered Asgard. Loki reminisced to Thor about his banishment by Odin. Thor was not convinced of the accusations of Odin that Loki tried to convince him about. Loki explained to him that he only had to conquer Midgard, which made Thor furious. Loki explained how he fooled Thor of leaving Asgard and how he kept him in Midgard. Loki escorted Thor outside the throne room, there he warned Loki that he will avenge Asgard. Loki doubted it and showed his execution place.[4]

Thor watched how Loki was furious that Avengers arrived in Asgard and calling out Hoarfen. Thor made a remark about that he still did not win even with the Odinforce. The Hoarfen was pushed into the throne room, where the Avengers, Faradei, Sif and Warriors Three arrived. They fought each other and Thor watched when they were easily defeated by the might of Loki. They were about to be finished off until Iron Man appeared with his Uru Armor and distracted Loki. Thor was eventually freed by Hawkeye and ordered him, Ant-Man and Black Panther to go after the source of Loki's power the Yggdrasil, while he goes after Loki.[5]

Thor touched through the magic spell of Loki to achieve his hammer back. He eventually reached Mjolnir and went after Loki. Thor fought against Loki, until he went berserk by the cause of Odinforce. He warned Loki that he could accidentally destroy all the Nine Realms, which he ignored and went through the process. When Giant Man pulled out the Tree of Life, Thor watched how Loki lost his power over the Odinforce. Thor stood alongside, Hulk, Captain America and Wasp and entrapped Loki between them and Black Panther, Ant-Man and Hawkeye. He saw that his father has awakened and how he punished Loki, sending him to the Midgard Serpent as his ultimate punishment that is more cruel than the Isle of Silence.[5]

Thor stood alongside the other Avengers, where he was congratulated by Odin that they were freed from Loki. Thor denied it since he himself was freed by Avengers. Thor showed gratitude towards his friends, and Odin also gave his gratitude to them and all the Asgardians praised and cheered the heroes.[5] Thor stayed at Asgard to rebuild it and secure Asgard from evil.[6]

Meeting of the worthiness[]

While in Asgard, Thor stressed to Oder that it should have been him entering the realm his father had entered, believing that he may very well have been in battle with Surtur at that very moment. Though his ally reminded him of the times he had believed it would be best suited for his father to go into battle, Thor lamented to him that Odin's powers were still recovering and that he feared it was a battle that he could not win. Thor brought up the possibility that his father believed he was not worthy and that Odin believed that he found his thoughts centered around Midgard whenever present in the face of battle. While he negated his feelings for Enchantress and stressed that the Avengers are more than capable of handling her, he still was reminded of Jane Foster. As Sif checked his hammer, Thor revealed his feelings to his friend;

"I think of her, while here I feel like a stranger among my own people."
―Thor lamenting his troubles.[7]

Sif overheard his words and told him that he should return there. Thor tried to confront her over how she was reacting to him, but soon was disrupted by a returning Odin. The latter informed them that Surtur had escaped and also rendered his means of seeing him useless. The group was...[7]

Return to the Avengers[]


While Thor was away from the team, the Avengers had several members leave. Thor returned with his new armor that his Father Odin made it to the Avengers and the real Captain America with their enemies while they were in the middle of stopping a Skrull invasion. He returned after Queen Veranke told the Avengers that she and the rest of the Skrulls came to the world. Thor doubted they would win and fought alongside with several of the Avengers and their enemies against the Skrulls. After returning and finding out Captain America had been replaced by a Skrull, he commented that Captain America would have to repair his relationship with the distrustful citizens.

Thor helped Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye, and Iron Man find Spider-Man and Captain America after the Serpent Society attacked them.

He later helped Black Panther and Captain America defend Wakanda from Vision, who tried to steal Cap's Shield while it was being repaired. Thor, with the help of Hawkeye, Black Panther, and Captain America, repaired the Shield and defeated Vision. After the fight, Black Panther returned to the Avengers.

When the Wrecking Crew attacked New York, Thor helped Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Captain America fight them when he got struck by magic. He became a mortal and could not fight. Iron Man and Captain America lost their powers too. Loki attacked them while piloting the Destroyer. Thor found inner strength and the Avengers regained their powers. They defeated Loki and placed the Destroyer in a container.

39 ep 42

Thor, along with Wasp, Ms. Marvel, and Captain America, defended Prison 42 when Annihilus attacked it and tried to go through the portal. Thor told Skurge the Executioner that Amora was in the hands of Surtur during the fight, and promised to free her someday. When he was attacked by bugs, Skruge rescued him. After the Leader disrupted Annihilus' shields, Thor defeated him and saved Prison 42.

Ultron Unlimited[]

When the robot Avengers and Captain America (he was trying to rescue the captured Avengers) attacked Thor and captured him, Vision saved the others and Wasp revived Thor, who then fought the robots. Thor tried to destroy Ultron but couldn't because he was invincible. Vision made Ultron's be able to be removed from his body. Thor knocked Ultron's head off and caused the robot to explode. He and the other Avengers escaped the building, which was now on fire, along with Vision who joined the team and has been a member since then.


During the Galactus invasion, Thor is assigned to the team to fight the Air element, Air-Walker of Galactus' Heralds. Afterward, he and Iron Man fight together to push Galactus into the Negative Zone.

When the other heroes left the scene, Thor and his fellow Avengers were praised as Earth's Mightiest Heroes by the people of New York.

Physical appearance[]

Thor is very tall (just about the height of the Hulk), broad-shouldered, and muscular man with long blond hair, and blue eyes. He wears a silver winged helmet, a red cape, black armor with silver circles, red wristbands, a large golden belt, blue tights, and tall golden shoes. In Season 2 he was re-designed into a costume based on the Olivier Coipel designs from the modern Thor comics (as well as sharing a slight resemblance towards his movie counterpart.)


Thor is a noble warrior and man of honor. He has dislike of mortal technology and science for creating super-villains and admires heroes with courage, honor, compassion, and the gift of battle. He was very wise about mortal tales and criticizing villains about their powers and abilities they boasted. He is perceived as arrogant by some.


Jane Foster[]

Jane Foster is Thor's love interest. She appeared in most Thor micro episodes.


Odin is Thor's father and king of Asgard. He was a loving man to his son, especially Loki some ages ago. Odin is the reason why Mjolnir cannot be lifted by strength only worthiness. He felt guilty of banishing his son to Midgard because of Thor's arrogance. His relationship with his son remain bitter until Loki's failed attempt to conquer the Nine Realms. After that, their relationship was restored between father and son. When Odin betrayed Loki to the Isle of Silence, Thor refused to stay in Asgard to protect when his father enters the Odinsleep as he choose to protect Earth, but he will come back to Asgard if anything happens.


Loki is Thor's stepbrother and the Asgardian god of mischief. In his younger years, Loki seems to love his stepbrother so much as good friends but after growing up, he realized his true origins and went up against his stepfather, Odin. His relationship with Thor became bitter.


Thor is the brother of Balder. They are seen fighting together in different episodes.


The Avengers are Thor's mortal allies from Midgard. They were on his side in every battle against villains. Thor sometimes underestimates their abilities and strength. He respects their tenacity and bravery in combat despite their mortal lives and personalities.

Frost Giants[]

The Frost Giants are Thor's sworn enemies.

Malekith the Accursed[]

Malekith is the one of Thor's nemesis.

Powers and abilities[]

Thor is the most powerful warrior in all of Asgard and one of the most powerful beings ever to set foot on Earth. His physical strength is greater even than Odin's, although that is the only way Thor is stronger than his father. He can effortlessly lift over 100 tons, shown when he stopped a large portion of New York city from dropping down and destroying the rest of the city. He is a master of armed and unarmed combat, as he displays in almost every appearance of his. He has fought and defeated the Abomination and Absorbing Man in combat, and went toe-to-toe with the Hulk. He is also nigh-invulnerable, as he can easily shake off a punch from an enraged Hulk, was able to survive being attacked by all of the Leaders creatures, and many other feats. He has superhuman stamina, shown as he never gets tired even after the most grueling of battles. He does have limits though, as he was knocked unconscious by deflecting the beam fired at Earth by Kang's ship, and when he sent a huge bomb into space to prevent it from destroying the Earth. Thor does not need to breathe, as shown when he flies into space for various reasons. He is also able to breath in outer space.

Thor has shown the ability to fly and levitate without his hammer (in Everything is Wonderful, Along Came a Spider... and Avengers Assemble!).

When Thor is armed with his mystical Warhammer Mjolnir, he is given even more power than what he naturally has. He is able to fly, control the weather, call upon lightning (which is his main attack), and use it to unleash powerful beams of energy. His most powerful attack is the GodBlast, which he used to defeat Graviton. Since Mjolnir is more or less unbreakable, Thor can attack foes with all of his might without fear of damaging it. Thor relies heavily upon his hammer, and is somewhat distraught whenever he is separated from it, though he also states that he does not fear Mjolnir's power when Beta Ray Bill took up the hammer. He can also use Mjolnir to open portals to the other realms, which he once used to return the Hulk from Jotunheim, and to try and track down the Enchantress.


Thor seems to heavily rely on his hammer and he uses it for his strongest attacks. It is shown that if he is attacked by his hammer or an element from it (Beta Ray Bill used his hammer and Absorbing Man using the powers absorbed from it). Also if his hammer is far or trapped he has to have it fly back to him but in some cases he must retrieve it on his own.


His only weapon is Mjolnir, a magical hammer made of uru metal crafted by Eitri and his dwarven blacksmiths on Nornheim. It was magically protected by Odin's spell which may only be lifted if the person worthy enough to wield it since Thor has proven himself worthy of it while in his exile on Earth.




Background in other media[]

  • His Asgardian armor in season 1 is quite similar to the one in the original Marvel comics (Earth
    616) while the new Asgardian armor in season 2 is quite similar to the Chris Hemsworth's Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth 199999).
  • Character appears in Hulk vs. Thor, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and Thor: Tales of Asgard.
  • The voice actor for Thor on The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Rick Wasserman, had previously voiced the Hulk in the animated film Planet Hulk instead of Fred Tatasciore, which was loosely based on the comic series of the same name.
    • And in the movies Hulk Vs. Thor and Thor: Tales of Asgard before Rick Wasserman voiced as Thor, Matthew Wolf is the first voice actor of Thor from Earth-8096.
  • His hammer Mjolnir is based on the comics but a more hammer-like appearance.
  • Thor's season 2 look is his current look in the comics which is also known as "Thor Reborn".
  • Despite the fact that the Hulk Vs. Thor film allegedly took place before The Avengers: Earth Mightiest Heroes, Thor doesn't recognize the Hulk when they teamed up against Graviton. He actually ends up mistaking him for an ogre or a troll though it's very possible that it's because Avengers EMH took chronologically took place before Hulk Vs Thor.
  • Unlike the original comic, Thor does not assume the form of Donald Blake when separated from Mjolnir for more than a minute. This is probably a reference to the modern Thor comics.
  • As of Deadliest Man Alive, he has appeared in 35 of 43 episodes.