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Titanium Man is a member of the Winter Guard.


The Titanium Man along with the Winter Guard, located to Crimson Dynamo in Suiza, while he´s faced to the Avengers. Iron Man having been deceived by Crimson Dynamo to attack Titanium Man, fired a missile at him, but were intercepted by Titanium Man, what the shot had damaged the power center of his armor, which Iron Man removed and took him to prevent others explode near, damaging Tony, who is rescued by Thor, and achieving a truce between the teams, after Tony apologize for their behavior

Powers and Abilities[]

He relies heavily on his armor to survive and win the battle.


He wears an advanced suit of armor made of titanium-iron alloy equipped with advanced weaponry and technology similar to Iron Man's possibly. His armor was design for Crimson Dynamo.


  • Unlike other versions of him being a villain, this time Titanium Man is a hero in the AEMH.
  • His armor is almost based on the Titanium Man armor from the comics.