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To Steal an Ant-Man is the 5th episode of Season Two of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and the 31st episode of the overall series.


After winning Loki's war and before the Secret Skrull Invasion with Captain America being replaced by his impostor, Hank Pym's Ant-Man suit is stolen, he takes it upon himself to find the thief, revealing Scott Lang himself. Desperate to find his suit before it can put anyone in danger, Hank is pulled into a criminal underworld and caught in Crossfire's crosshairs, in a new episode of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


In a seemingly unoccupied bank vault, piles of money glow and shrink until they are no longer visible. A camera zooms in searching for clues, and reveals Ant-Man riding a flying ant with a duffle bag full of cash. At Avengers Mansion, Jan is excitedly talking to Hank about their future as Avengers now he's returned. Hank, however, is not back to rejoin the Avengers: he's packing up to leave for good. Jan tries to talk him around, but Hank notices a television news report with footage of the Ant-Man bank robbery, and runs off without explaining to Jan.

At Grayburn College, Hank discovers that his Ant-Man suit and tech have been stolen! He explains that the thief's loot will have disappeared - the experimental Pym particle discs stolen by the thief shrink objects to the subatomic level. He also suspects the thief will be learning to use the suit's powers, and is worried about his work hurting others. He pleads for someone to take the case, and we discover he's contacted the Heroes for Hire: Luke Cage and Iron Fist (Danny Rand).

At another bank job, the thief strikes again, but is detected by a guard dog and drops the shrunken cash as he escapes. Luke and Danny are watching the bank, a heavily guarded front for HYDRA, and wonder if the thief is deliberately targeting criminals, and why Hank, an Avenger, came to them for help. Luke thinks it's to do with with pride; Danny is just happy to work with the Avengers.

Hank, back at his lab, vents his frustration at this possible career-ending incident, breaking some equipment. As he calms down, he catches sight of a yellowjacket wasp. Back at the bank, Luke and Danny discover some minor superpowered goons lying in wait for a superhero. They defeat the villains easily, and Danny locates the still miniature thief by focusing his senses through his chi. They fight briefly before the thief, insisting he doesn’t want to fight them, escapes with the recovered cash.

The thief returns to his hotel room, but Luke, Danny and Hank track the suit's Pym particles using Hank's technology. The thief removes the helmet, and Hank realizes he knows this man: Scott Lang, a janitor at Grayburn College. Scott explains that he was an electrical engineer who fell into bank robbery to help his sick daughter Cassie, but he got caught and went to prison for three years. Unable to get work as an engineer on release, he ended up as a janitor and discovered Hank Pym was Ant-Man. His old partner, William Cross, wants the cut he lost when Scott went to prison, and kidnapped Cassie to ensure he gets it. Scott stole the suit to rob the money needed get Cassie back.

Scott and the others head to Cross’s hideout, where he has a gun trained on Cassie. After it becomes clear Cross can't be negotiated with, Hank throws an improved Pym particle disc at Cassie, allowing Scott to shrink down and move her to safety. Scott, Luke and Iron Fist fight Cross and his henchmen, and once they defeat the bad guys, Scott offers to turn himself in. The others talk him out of it, observing that he's pretty good at being a superhero, and Hank gives him the Ant-Man suit that he will soon join the Avengers.

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  • This is the first appearance of Heroes for Hire Inc. - Luke Cage and Danny Rand. Danny refers to the two of them as Power Man and Iron Fist, and Luke tells him not to call him Power Man. It's implied they run classified ads to find hero jobs, which is how Hank contacts them.
  • A yellow insect, the Yellowjacket, is in Hank's lab. This will cause changes later in the future.


  • In January 2014, Edgar Wright was working on a proposed live action Ant-Man film. He posted a screenshot on his blog from this episode, which introduces the Scott Lang character to the series, with the caption "homework".[1][2][3]
  • The officer who catches Scott Lang in the alleyway is named Officer Michelinie. The officer's name is a reference to David Michelinie who created the Scott Lang character.